10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (2024)


  • The best new movies to watch on streaming include strong releases from 2023 and 2024 across various platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Many streaming original films rival big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, offering a fresh range of genres for subscribers to enjoy weekly.
  • The best streaming movies of 2023 are finding new audiences, even if they didn't perform well at the box office, bringing fresh releases for all platforms.

The best new movies to watch on streaming provide something for audiences of all tastes looking to enjoy some home entertainment. Halfway through 2024, some of the biggest movies from earlier in the year are now coming onto streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Peaco*ck, and Paramount+. However, there are also some big and acclaimed titles from the end of 2023 that are finally getting their streaming debuts now. For fans who have missed these movies during their theatrical run or who just want to revisit them, there are a lot of great movies to choose from.

Many streaming platforms also offer their own original films that rival big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. There is a wide collection of original streaming projects, from the latest movies from big-name stars to some smaller yet acclaimed options to some riveting documentaries that people are talking about. The best new movies to watch on streaming right now cover a variety of genres, and thanks to the wide range available, there are plenty of fresh releases for subscribers on all platforms to enjoy on a weekly basis.


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10 Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024)

Eddie Murphy Returns To His Iconic Action-Comedy Role

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (2)
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F


Mark Molloy

Release Date
July 3, 2024
Eddie Murphy , Kevin Bacon , John Ashton , Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Paul Reiser , Judge Reinhold

118 Minutes

Despite having some big blockbusters to compete with, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley has been one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Similar to Tom Cruise back in Top Gun: Maverick, there is something very exciting about seeing a huge superstar like Eddie Murphy returning to his most iconic role as Axel Foley. Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is the fourth movie in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, coming 40 years after the original movie was released and 30 years after the previous installment.

The new movie finds Murphy back as Detroit cop Axel who is once again a fish-out-of-water in posh and extravagant Beverly Hills as he comes to town to look out for his daughter, a fellow cop whose life is in danger. Murphy is not the only returning cast member as he will be joined by Paul Reiser, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, and Bronson Pinchot. He is also joined by some exciting new costars, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige, and Kevin Bacon.

The Beverly Hills Cop movies have never been terribly well-received outside of the first movie, but that original action comedy is a lasting classic. It is the movie that launched Murphy to Hollywood stardom while providing a thrilling and hilarious ride. The new film might not reach the heights of that first film but it captures a lot of the spirit that made it so fun in the first place while also feeling like a throwback action movie that will please many fans of the genre.

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9 Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)

The Iconic Monsters Face A New Enemy

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (3)
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire


Adam Wingard

Release Date
March 29, 2024
Dan Stevens , Rebecca Hall , Brian Tyree Henry , Kaylee Hottle , Fala Chen

115 Minutes

The latest Monstervsere movie continues to explore this epic cinematic universe while pitting the two iconic stars on the same team against a common enemy. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire takes a further look at the Hollow Earth world that Kong is now living in, discovering that he is not actually the last of his kind as there is a society of apes that he has now just discovered.

As Godzilla is preparing for a threat he senses is coming, Kong comes face to face with Scar, the evil and brutal ruler of Hollow Earth's ape community who rules through fear and with the help of his secret weapon. Similar to the first crossover movie, the franchise seems more interested in Kong and doesn't really know what to do with Godzilla as he is pushed to the background until it is time for the climactic battle. However, the film wisely doesn't take itself too seriously and spends less time with its human characters.

It makes for a fun and mindless popcorn movie that delivers on the monster battles that people come to this franchise to see.

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8 Back To Black (2024)

The Controversial Biopic Of Amy Winehouse

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (4)
Back to Black

Sam Taylor-Johnson

Release Date
May 10, 2024

Marisa Abela , Jack O'Connell , Eddie Marsan , Lesley Manville , Juliet Cowan

One of the most controversial biopics in recent memory is now available for streaming audiences to check out. Back to Black is the true story of the career and life of Amy Winehouse that was tragically cut short. Winehouse emerged on the music scene with a powerful voice and unique style that quickly made her a star. However, she also battled addiction during her fame which ultimately led to her death in 2011 at the age of 27.

Back to Black stars Marisa Abela as the singer, channeling Winehouse's distinct personality and complicated story. While Winehouse is undoubtedly a fascinating figure of modern pop culture, there are some who have criticized the movie for being exploitative of her tragic life. Viewers will have to watch the biopic for themselves and decide if it goes too far or if it is simply another musical biopic that follows the familiar formula of a rise and fall.

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7 A Family Affair (2024)

Zac Efron Woos Nicole Kidman In This Rom-Com

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (5)
A Family Affair (2024)


Richard La Gravenese

Release Date
June 28, 2024
Joey King , Nicole Kidman , Zac Efron , Kathy Bates , Liza Koshy , Sherry Cola , Gissette Valentin , Olivia Macklin

111 Minutes

Rom-com fans will have a new option to check out in the genre with Netflix’s star-studded new movie A Family Affair. The movie stars Joey King as an overworked assistant for a self-centered movie star (Zac Efron). However, her professional life collides with her personal life in an unexpected way when the movie stars strikes up a sudden romance with King’s mother, played by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman.

The cast alone will likely attract a number of viewers, offering a fun collection of stars across different ages. King has been acting from a young age but has recently been turning in memorable performances with the likes of Bullet Train and We Were the Lucky Ones. Efron continues to jump between comedies like Ricky Stanicky and more intense roles like his recently acclaimed performance in The Iron Claw. Meanwhile, Kidman is seen as one of the great actors of her generation. To see this trio coming together for a silly rom-com is exciting.

The movie seems to be part of a recent trend of romance films that explore the age gap between characters. Following Anne Hathaway’s The Idea of You earlier this year, A Family Affair looks to be a more comedic look at such a relationship, but seeing how the dynamic between Efron and Kidman plays out will likely be part of the fun of the movie for a lot of audiences.

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6 I Am: Celine Dion (2024)

A Look At The Career And Struggles Of An Iconic Artist

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (6)
I Am: Celine Dion (2024)


Irene Taylor

Release Date
June 25, 2024

Celine Dion

102 Minutes

A new documentary profiling one of the most iconic singers of her time makes for a compelling new streaming option. I Am: Celine Dion is a look at the life and career of Celine Dion as well as her most recent struggles. Dion is a Canadian singer, sometimes referred to as the “Queen of the Power Ballads.” She is one of the most successful solo female artists of all time, winning five Grammys, and is perhaps best known for her wildly successful song “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic.

In recent years, Dion has struggled with her battle with “stiff-person syndrome” with her being open and honest about the difficulties it has caused in her life and career. The documentary is a similarly honest look at Dion’s life now while looking back on everything she had accomplished and what she still aims to do. She makes for an inspiring and impressive figure in many ways.

The documentary was released for a short run in theaters where it earned rave reviews. Now, home audiences can experience this journey alongside the iconic and influential artist with I Am: Celine Dion becoming available on Prime Video. It serves as an emotional, triumphant, and complex look at an artist's life which should prove to be fascinating for dedicated fans of Dion’s work as well as those who are largely unfamiliar with it.

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5 Trigger Warning (2024)

Jessica Alba's Hard-Hitting Return To Action

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (7)
Trigger Warning (2024)

Mouly Surya

Jessica Alba , Mark Webber , Anthony Michael Hall , Alejandro De Hoyos , Tone Bell , Jake Weary , Gabriel Basso , Kaiwi Lyman

86 Minutes

Jessica Alba returns to the action movie genre with this new Netflix thriller. Trigger Warning stars Alba as Parker, a formidable Special Forces commando who comes back to her hometown following the death of her father. Taking over the family bar, Parker soon begins to notice a criminal element lurking in the town.

As she takes on the local gangs, she begins to suspect that the corruption of her former home goes higher than street-level punks. The movie is a more grounded and gritty action movie than typical blockbusters of the genre, focusing on a simple story on a small scale. However, Alba has proven herself a strong action hero in the past.

Many fans are simply interested in seeing her hand out some hard-hitting and brutal justice after being away from this type of role for so long since it harkens back to her time on Dark Angel. Expect intense action sequences, a relentless hero, and a satisfying revenge tale that could lead to Alba launching a new action franchise on Netflix.

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4 Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

Po's Next All-Ages Action Adventure

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (8)
Kung Fu Panda 4


Mike Mitchell , Stephanie Stine

Release Date
March 8, 2024
Jack Black , Awkwafina , Viola Davis , Dustin Hoffman , James Hong , Bryan Cranston , Ian McShane , Ke Huy Quan

The Kung Fu Panda movies have grown into one of the most beloved animated franchises of all time. Following the original three films and the Netflix series, Po returns for a fourth adventure which features Jack Black back as the lovable hero. The movie finds Po looking to move onto a more peaceful life, but needing to train a new Dragon Warrior to take his place before he can. However, while seeking out a replacement, an evil sorceress summons all of the villains who Po has previously defeated in battle.

Black’s voice talents in this role are always a treat and he is joined by an exciting line-up of new cast members this time around, including Oscar winners, Viola Davis and Ke Huy Quan. These movies have always been a great mix of laugh-out-loud humor, heart, and some surprisingly thrilling action sequences. Fans looking for more of those aspects are likely to be satisfied with Kung Fu Panda 4.

While it is unclear if there is a future for the franchise beyond this movie, it is a lot of fun seeing the return to this martial arts world that remains an ideal family-friendly adventure to stream at home.

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3 Monkey Man (2024)

Dev Patel's Action-Heavy Directorial Debut

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (9)
Monkey Man (2024)


Dev Patel

Release Date
April 5, 2024

Dev Patel , Sharlto Copely , Pitobash , Vipin Sharma , Sikandar Kher , Sobhita Dhulipala , Ashwini Kalsekar , Adithi Kalkunte , Makarand Deshpande

121 Minutes

After producer Jordan Peele saved the action movie Monkey Man from a streaming-exclusive release in favor of a theatrical run, the film now comes to streaming services. Dev Patel makes his impressive debut as a director while also starring in this audacious action thriller. Patel stars as a nameless young man living in a corrupt society that claimed the life of his mother and still drains the lives of its desperate citizens. He then chooses to rise up and exact violent justice on those in power.

Monkey Man's action sequences are visceral and well-choreographed, showing real confidence from Patel behind the camera. However, the movie is also elevated beyond just being a fun genre movie as it also manages to balance thoughtful social commentary in the way producer Jordan Peele has done with his horror projects.

The movie didn't become the surprise box office hit that some were hoping for, but its success with the critics has generated a lot of interest among fans of action flicks. Those who enjoy the stylish action of the John Wick movies will definitely want to check out this small-scale yet effective thrill ride that announced Patel as a director to watch.

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2 Hit Man (2024)

Glen Powell And Richard Linklater Team For A Crime-Comedy

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (10)
Hit Man


Richard Linklater

Release Date
September 5, 2023

Glen Powell , Adria Arjona , Austin Amelio , Retta , Molly Bernard

113 Minutes

With Glen Powell quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, a new streaming project from the movie star will draw a lot of attention from fans. In addition, Powell is reteaming with an acclaimed filmmaker on a wild premise. Hit Man is based on a true story that follows Powell as an undercover cop who poses as hitmen to trap potential clientele. However, things get complicated when he meets a woman (Adria Arjona) who is in need of help.

Hit Man is directed by Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Boyhood), making for an exciting departure for the filmmaker as he steps into the crime movie world. However, with Powell in the lead, the movie has a very comedic take on this unique.

It received rave reviews when it debuted at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, calling it a funny, sexy, and cool crime comedy that provides a crowd-pleasing experience for older movie audiences which don’t always have the most high-quality options with new streaming releases. It marks one of the most exciting streaming releases of the summer.

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1 Under Paris (2024)

A French-Language Shark Thriller

10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (11)
Under Paris (2024)

Xavier Gens

Release Date
June 5, 2024

Berenice Bejo , Nassim Lyes , Léa Léviant , Anaïs Parello , Iñaki Lartigue

101 Minutes

While Jaws is one of the quintessential summer movies, there have not been a lot of great shark movies for fans to enjoy during this time of the year. However, Netflix may finally have one worthy entry into the genre that can at least honor the legacy of Jaws with the release of Under Paris. The new French thriller finds Paris hosting an international triathlon only to discover there is a shark lurking in the waters of the Seine, leading to carnage on the famed river.

While the premise is a bit preposterous on the surface, Under Paris looks to be taking a serious and grim approach to this shark tale. For fans who are looking for some underwater carnage and big thrills as beach season kicks off, this could be one of the sleeper hits of the summer streaming world that could do Jaws proud. It also provides enough gore and scares to please the horror fans looking for something new.

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10 Best Movies to Watch on Streaming Right Now (July 2024) (2024)


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