Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe Review (2024)

Looking for a captivating new read? If so, Alpha Asher by Jane Doe is definitely worth adding to your list. This supernatural romance novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, exploring themes of family, friendship, and identity. In this review, we'll delve deeper into the plot, characters, themes, and writing style of Alpha Asher, a novel that is updated on a regular basis.

Alpha Asher follows the story of Lola, a member of a pack of wolves, as she navigates life after the departure of her Alpha, Tyler. As the title suggests, the book centers around the pack's new Alpha, Asher, and his relationships with the pack members, including Lola. With 154 chapters already released and ongoing updates, Alpha Asher promises a thrilling reading experience that is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

In this article, we will examine the key aspects of Alpha Asher, starting with the plot and characters. We'll then delve into the themes and writing style of the novel, providing a comprehensive review that will give readers a better understanding of why Alpha Asher is a must-read.

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Author Introduction

Alpha Asher is an enthralling romance novel written by Jane Doe. This is her debut novel, and it has already gained a lot of attention from her readers. Jane Doe has a unique writing style that captures the emotions of her characters and brings the story to life. She is able to take readers on a journey with her characters as they navigate their way through complex relationships and challenging choices. Jane Doe also does an amazing job of creating vivid descriptions that draw the reader into the story and make them feel as if they are there with the characters. With Alpha Asher, she has crafted a captivating story that keeps readers guessing until the very end.

Background Information

Alpha Asher is a supernatural romance novel written by Jane Doe. It follows the story of a teenage she-wolf, Lola, who has to take care of her younger siblings after their parents have passed away. She is broken-hearted after a love she thought she had, and on Tyler's 18th birthday, her world comes crumbling down. Tragedy forces Lola to flee from her pack for an entire year and she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her to the discovery of her true identity as an alpha. The book features werewolves, humans, and vampires that all must come together in order to survive in this new world of supernatural beings. Alpha Asher explores themes of love, loss, and identity as Lola navigates through a complex web of emotions in order to find her true place in this supernatural universe.

Plot Summary

In Alpha Asher, readers are taken on a thrilling journey of love and tragedy. On Tyler's 18th birthday, her world comes crumbling down and she flees from her pack for an entire year. Tragedy forces Lola to return home, where she meets Alpha Asher and is immediately drawn to him. Together, they embark on a romantic adventure filled with danger and obstacles that threaten their relationship. Along the way, Tyler learns more about herself and discovers the strength within her to make the right decisions despite her feelings for Asher. The story concludes with a stunning conclusion that is sure to leave readers wanting more.

Main Characters

The three main characters in Jane Doe's supernatural romance novel Alpha Asher are Lola, Alpha Asher, and Tyler.

  • Lola: The protagonist of the story, a young she-wolf who was left heartbroken when her boyfriend Tyler, the future pack Alpha, suddenly left her. Lola flees from her pack for a year to escape the pain but is forced to return home due to a tragic event. Upon her return, she finds that Alpha Asher is now in charge of the pack.
  • Alpha Asher: The powerful and enigmatic Alpha of the pack, who becomes Lola's main love interest. Despite her initial resistance, Lola finds herself drawn to Asher and the two begin a tumultuous relationship.
  • Tyler: Alpha of the pack and Lola's boyfriend, Tyler is described as being an asshole and not respecting Lola's gothic style of dress. On his eighteenth birthday, he finds his true mate, Brittany, and leaves Lola heartbroken. He is portrayed as a selfish character who does not think of the consequences of his actions. He is also seen as someone who does not take responsibility for his mistakes and is not willing to make amends.

As the story progresses, we witness Lola and Asher's struggles to come to terms with their feelings for each other while facing various obstacles that threaten to keep them apart. Lola must confront her insecurities and fears as she tries to find her way back to Tyler, while Asher becomes an integral part of Lola's journey. Despite their initial differences, Lola and Asher's relationship develops into one of understanding and mutual respect. Throughout the novel, the bond between the two characters is at the heart of the story and takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions, experiencing the highs and lows of their romantic story.


Alpha Asher is a supernatural romance novel that explores themes of transformation, betrayal, and love. The story takes readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery as Lola navigates through the themes of family, friendship, and identity. Throughout the novel, Lola is forced to confront her past and make choices that will ultimately define her future. One of the most powerful themes in Alpha Asher is the notion of power, and how it can be used for good or evil. The novel touches on physical abuse, self-discovery, and relationships, all while weaving these themes seamlessly into the story.

At its core, Alpha Asher is a story about overcoming obstacles and finding happiness. Lola's journey serves as a reminder that no matter how difficult life may be, there is always a way to move forward. Through Jane Doe's engaging and thought-provoking writing style, readers will be able to connect with the characters and the emotions they experience throughout the story. The takeaway message from Alpha Asher is one of hope and resilience, making it an enjoyable read for all audiences.

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Writing Style

The writing style of Jane Doe's Alpha Asher is captivating and keeps readers engaged. The prose flows seamlessly and the pacing of the story is well done. Each character has a distinct voice and the emotions they express are fully realized. The author has a great talent for creating vivid images and creating an atmosphere that draws readers in. There are moments of wistful nostalgia, poignant sadness, and moments of joy that make the story come alive. Jane Doe does an excellent job of crafting a story that is full of heart and feels real to the reader.

Pros and Cons

Jane Doe's Alpha Asher is a captivating novel that explores the intricate relationship between two people, a male, and a female, and their trials and tribulations. The story dives deep into the characters' lives, allowing readers to connect with their emotions. The writing style is captivating, and the themes are thought-provoking.

One of the main pros of this book is its realistic and relatable characters, who are easy to relate to. Both characters have their flaws, which makes them more human and allows readers to empathize with them. The plot moves quickly, as the characters experience various ups and downs throughout their journey.

The cons pertain more to the writing style, which can be a bit confusing at times. The author uses a lot of figurative languages, making it difficult for some readers to follow along. Additionally, the pacing can be slightly slow in some sections as certain aspects are discussed in depth.

Overall, Alpha Asher is an engaging novel that will leave readers with plenty to think about. It offers an insightful look into human relationships that will appeal to readers of all ages.

Final Thoughts

One of the most attractive points of Alpha Asher is the depth of its characters and the way their emotions are portrayed. Readers will find themselves rooting for Lola and Asher as they navigate through their challenges and face their fears. The novel also explores themes that are relatable to many people, such as the struggle for identity and the power of family and friendship.

In addition, Jane Doe's ability to craft a story that is both engaging and thought-provoking is a testament to her talent as a writer. Her writing style captures the emotions of the characters in a way that makes them feel real and relatable. This makes Alpha Asher a must-read for fans of the genre.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a novel that will take you on an emotional journey and keep you captivated from beginning to end, then Alpha Asher by Jane Doe is definitely worth your time. So why not give it a try and discover the world of pack dynamics and relationships between its members for yourself?


Q: What is the genre of Alpha Asher?

A: Alpha Asher is a paranormal romance novel.

Q: Who is the protagonist of Alpha Asher?

A: Lola is the protagonist of Alpha Asher because she is the main character of the story and the focus of the narrative. Lola is "broken-hearted" after her boyfriend, Alpha Tyler, finds his true mate on his 18th birthday. This causes her to flee from her pack for an entire year. When she returns home, she finds Alpha Asher in charge, and this time around, she may have a shot at happiness.

Q: What is the conflict in Alpha Asher?

A: The main conflict in Alpha Asher is the struggle between Lola and Alpha Asher as they try to navigate their newfound relationship while also dealing with the dangers of the pack.

Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe Review (2024)


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*BOOK SEVEN* (Can be read as standalone) *Mature Content* Once a year, he holds the greatest party known to man.

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But he is also obsessed with training, which becomes mandatory for all the territories under him. After the intense interaction and combat training, Alpha Asher and Lola will find out they are mates but wait, there's more!

Who is the author of Alpha Asher? ›

Books by Jane Doe (Author of Alpha Asher)

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His personality change allows Asher to betray his friends in the movie by trying to stop Jonas from escaping the community and then later dumping Jonas into the river.

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(Book 2) Ten Years ago rogues ravaged through our territory. The girl I loved was thought to have perished with our Alpha, her Father.

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Asher is a character in The Giver. He is known to be silly but good-natured and playful, never intending to hurt anybody.

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Joanna J.'s Books.

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Fated To The Alpha: Book 1 (Fated Series): Hall, Jessica: 9798440575103: Books.

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My Name Is Asher Lev is a novel by Chaim Potok, an American author and rabbi. The book's protagonist is Asher Lev, a Hasidic Jewish boy in New York City.

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The consensus of opinion I have gleaned from social media, is that you should start either right at the beginning with Prador Moon and then follow through chronologically, or you should read the first two series I wrote.

What type of books does Lauren Asher write? ›

Lauren Asher is a New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, Globe and Mail, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of contemporary romance. She enjoys writing about flawed yet relatable characters you can't help falling in love with and fictional worlds you wish were real.

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Asher has published four books: Thirteen Reasons Why, a 2007 New York Times best-selling young-adult fiction novel; The Future of Us, co-written by Carolyn Mackler; What Light; and Piper. Asher has also written several picture books and middle school humor novels.


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