Get Ready to Flip Over 31 Unbelievably Unique Upside-Down Cake Recipes (2024)

We learned three interesting facts while digging up these bottoms-up cakes. A) Martha Stewart is basically the queen of the upside-down cake (seriously, she’s kinda our role model), B) Any fruit combination is acceptable and stunningly beautiful in an upside-down cake and C) Mini upside-down cakes are a thing. A nice thing. We were super impressed with these tipsy flipsy eats, and we think you will be too. Go ahead; take a personal cake day! Pin, bake and share these 31 unbelievably unique upside-down cakes!

1. Cherry Peach Upside Down Cake: Two summer stone fruits join forces to create one sweet cake. Two is better than one. (via BHG)

2. Cranberry Upside-Down Cake: Cranberries, orange juice and cinnamon sugar top off this super-moist show-stopper. (via Oggi Pane Salame Domani)

3. Citrus Upside-Down Cake: How gorgeous is this colorful cake? This bold ‘n’ beautiful citrus dessert is the perfect way to brighten any day. (via BHG)

4. Pineapple Salted Caramel Mini Bundt Cakes: Nobody will believe that these upside-down caramel cakes are baked with Bisquick. And really, why tell them? (via Betty Crocker)

5. Meyer Lemon: Life hands you lemons. You make this upside-down beauty. You invite your friends over to eat it. They proclaim you a genius baker. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. See? It’s a sweet ending that all started with a bunch of sour lemons. (via Martha Stewart)

6. No Bake Turtle Upside-Down Cake: No fruit-laden goods here. This is one enormous chocolate turtle! It’s a great make-ahead dessert since it needs to chill out in the fridge for a few hours before serving. (via Adventures in Cooking)

7. Satsuma Mandarin and Vanilla: This cake packs a delightfully surprising sweet ‘n’ sour punch. It’s one of Pinterest’s most popular upside-down desserts, so you know it’s a good one. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Blackberry Upside-Down Cake: It’s almost too pretty to eat. Blackberries and peaches turn cake into a work of art. (via Food on Fifth)

9. Banana Upside-Down Cake: In case you’ve ever contemplated what could be better than bananas… well, here it is. Meet your new fave way to enjoy the fruit. (via Palachinka)

10. Strawberry Upside-Down Cake With Cardamom: Bring spring to your table with a bright strawberry cake. Joy the Baker is one of our very favorite people on the whole wide Internet, and her recipes are bonkers awesome. This one’s sure to be no exception. (via Joy the Baker)

11. Buttermilk Pear: Sometimes in life, you need to turn things upside down for them to be right side up. Live by these words (and make the cake). (via Edible Perspective)

12. Chocolate PB Banana: Let your cravings tell you want they want. It might be a sugar overload, but there’s banana inside, so it’s totally okay. (via Pinch of Yum)

13. Rhubarb Crumb: A simple butter crumb topping becomes a delightful crust when you flip this cake over, sunny side up. Yes, crumbs are good. (via Martha Stewart)

14. Spiced Apple: A stack of these upside-down cakes, adorned with ribbons of caramel, makes a great brunch. Move on over, pancakes. (via Oh She Glows)

15. Blueberry Upside-Down Cake: This cake knows how to play the bottoms-up game. You see, the proportion of berries-to-cake is serious business. There must be enough berrylicious goodness to go with each cakey bite! (via Martha Stewart)

16. Sunshiny Mango: This one’s for all our friends who are winter-weary. Because winter is real… and cold… and so endless when you’re craving warm sunshine. Let the sun shine in! This citrusy mango cake will warm your cold winter-tired soul inside and out. (via From Brazil to You)

17. Apple Pie: Apples are healthy, right? We need to know. Because we’re pretty sure once we start eating this apple pie upside-down cake, we won’t be able to stop. (via Martha Stewart)

18. Clementine Upside-Down Cakes: Under ordinary circ*mstances, we would have a hard time giving up fresh, juicy little clementines. But these ain’t normal circ*mstances. Fruit for cake? Nope, not sorry. We’ll make the trade. (via Drizzle and Dip)

19. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake: Here’s the classic! How could we round up a bunch o’ upside-down cakes without including the fan fave? So much caramelized goodness. (via Bon Appetit)

20. Mango and Raspberry: Sweet mangos and tart little raspberries make great companions. If this one tastes as good as it looks, we’re in for a treat! (via Manila Spoon)

21. Cranberry Upside-Down Mini Cakes: These little cakes make lovely food gifts… if you have enough self control not to gobble them all up. Best set aside one (or two… or three) for yourself. You know you want to. (via Meats and Sweets)

22. Apple and Pomegranate Upside-Down Cake: Ay, ay, ay, we can’t handle the upside-down deliciousness. Definitely swooning over the apple pieces and tart little pomegranate seeds garnishing this treat. (via Manila Spoon)

23. Chocolate Raspberry: Warm melty chocolate with tart bubbly raspberries is a wicked good concoction. Fair warning: You’ll definitely want to have ice cream on hand when these pop out of the oven. (via Foodess)

24. Salted Caramel Apple: Everybody loves apples. But hey — apples with caramel? Always a winning combo. Caramel apple, meet cake. Yummo! (via Pinch of Yum)

25. Ruby Red Rio Star Grapefruit: Tart grapefruits take on sweeter vibes when baked. Way to get your vitamin C! (via Food on Fifth)

26. Raspberry Peach: Pretty as a peach… with raspberries! Nom nom. (via My Invisible Crown)

27. Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake: Rhubarb is in season! Here’s one more great way to bring the fruit to your menu. (via Saveur)

28. Upside-Down Applesauce Cake: Get ready for your world to turn upside down. We’re talking apples, butter, sugar and even a dash of espresso. (via The Picket Fence Blog)

29. Peach Upside-Down Cake: It’s easy to have preconceived notions about the upside-down cake. This baby will banish all bad feelings. (via Rhodes Quality)

30. Apple and Pumpkin: You know that can of pumpkin that’s been hanging out in your pantry? We found the perfect use for it. It’s an unexpected duo, but a couple apples and a bit of pumpkin turns out to be one incredible pairing. (via La Tartine Gourmande)

31. Cranberry Upside-Down Cake With Walnuts: This hearty, comforting cake is great for guests. Make it ahead of time then, just before serving, cook up the hot cranberry compote and ladle generous spoonfuls over each slice (along with vanilla ice cream, of course). (via Give Me Flour)

What are you flipping for? Let us know in the comments below!

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Get Ready to Flip Over 31 Unbelievably Unique Upside-Down Cake Recipes (2024)


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