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Vitaly Rivkin

19:46 30 May 24

Had a great time on my... last match. The fact that Matt is great shooter himself and understands the sport, he offers very interesting stages that are fun to shoot.read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (4)

Kfir Lebovich (Tactically Correct)

14:34 26 May 24

Great experience, super... fun and professional.I’ll give it the best competition for the $$$.read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (5)

Jesus Irazabal

23:43 25 May 24

As a newbie (just two... matches under my belt) I have not much to compare, but as a service Deep 50 organization, timing and safety is very good. Will be returning for sure…read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (6)

Rob Simonelli

22:23 25 May 24

This outdoor range is... very well maintained and operated. I love competing here and look forward to coming back!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (7)

Sebastian Borberg

21:48 25 May 24

Awesome range. Great... stages for the USPSA matches on Saturdays. Very clean, great bay set ups with huts for shade at every bay. And an air conditioned bathroom which is uncommon for outdoor ranges haha.read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (8)

Mario Curtiellas

21:28 25 May 24

Best range there is.

History Deep 50 Gun Range (9)

Todd Mulholland

18:28 04 May 24

Deep 50 is in my opinion... the best gun range in the Naples Area!!!!! The range is always clean, and kept up very well. All of the target stands are in good condition as is the steel. The bays are deep enough with high berms. They have just redone the shelter areas and this was my first time seeing the. They’re extremely nice with a nice large range bench and chairs (something you really appreciate as you get older with a bad knee) plus they provide excellent shade to get out of the sun for a few. This is one of the only ranges where you can actually practice drawing and firing from a holster and moving. If you carry this is beyond valuable and superior to just shooting on a range where you can’t draw or move. Additionally they continue to make improvements and upgrades to the facilities. Lastly the amount of wildlife you can see at Deep 50 is truly impressive I’ve seen bears and today a couple of hawks watched our training. This place is definitely worth the somewhat longer drive from Naples.I would highly recommend Deep 50 Gun Range to any shooters new or seasoned!!!read more

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13:27 30 Apr 24

Everything about Deep 50... is amazing. The bays, rifle area and grounds are so well maintained. It's definitely my happy place. The staff is attentive and always willing to help. The owner goes out of his way to help you and make you feel immediately like a team member. I was nervous for the first steel challenge but even with everything going on he and his staff made me feel right at home. There is always something on the calendar whether it is the USPSA, Steel challenge events, training and more..read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (11)

Jason Russell

08:10 18 Apr 24

Will never visit as long... as they make an illegal request for storage of information. Nor would I be providing identification or documents to any random federal officer at the range. There are official channels they must use and official reasons they must use to access said information.The ATF does NOT REQUIRE individuals to carry around their tax stamps like permits, nor is it a legal identity. Only the ATF, or its direct designees, may force you to show your tax stamp in any legal capacity.That said, the range is within their rights to ask you to show you have a tax stamp for a given weapon to access their range. The attached image, however, is a gross and illegal overreach into your right to privacy.read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (12)

Bill Campbell

21:51 28 Mar 24

Fantastic range with... ample space and great flexibility with steel targets! I highly recommend deep 50!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (13)

enusor Wyland

14:39 03 Mar 24

Amazing staff just a... good place to chill and shoot cheap tooread more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (14)

Evan Kraus

18:22 28 Jan 24

Great Range

History Deep 50 Gun Range (15)

Christopher Nunez

16:57 28 Jan 24

Nice Range.

History Deep 50 Gun Range (16)

Richard Garcia

15:00 28 Jan 24

I Love Deep 50... Great... range, matches and staff!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (17)

Sean Collins

02:45 24 Jan 24

Great monthly USPSA and... Steel Challenge matchesread more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (18)

Rick Frazier

22:51 21 Jan 24

History Deep 50 Gun Range (19)

Bryon Linthicum

22:59 29 Oct 23

If you haven’t gone to... Deep 50 Gun Range you need to! This was an amazing range with highly attentive hosts. If you are looking for an amazing higher level competitive shooting match, Deep 50 is your place! And it’s only an hour drive from West Broward!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (20)

David Palma

23:29 28 Oct 23

Awesome range and our... favorite location to shoot USPSA matches!! You can always count on great stages at Deep50!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (21)

Johnny Chacon

12:32 26 Sep 23

Amazing range. Organized... IDPA and USPA matches. Matt puts out the best stages for USPSA in southern Florida. If you want to train and become a better shooter. Go to Deep 50!read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (22)

joe draghi

14:01 25 Sep 23

I have been to Deep 50... Gun Range many times to shoot USPSA matches. The facility has excellent pistol and rifle bays. The matches and stages are well planned and of major match caliber. I cant wait to see what Deep 50 Gun Range has in store for the future.read more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (23)

The Uncouth Truth

19:22 24 Sep 23

This place is my happy... place! :) VERY well maintained and very nice people. I can’t recommend enough! And there’s always events going on. Best range in SWFLread more

History Deep 50 Gun Range (24)

Jeff W

14:50 24 Sep 23

Highly recommend! ... Fantastic range facility and they put on the best USPSA matches in SW Florida! Great mix of challenging stages.read more

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History Deep 50 Gun Range (2024)


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