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4 weeks ago, Shonen_king

Solo Leveling is here!

10/10 But really needs some fixes: In the beginning jinwoo for some reason is fighting lizard men and then meets up with his healer. Not trying to nitpick but as the weakest hunter he should be up against goblins and I should feel the struggle. Start the game off with the healer so I actually feel like she’s been helping me as the story tells me later. So to recap make sing fight goblins. Make them hurt a lot. Give me the healer at start. I love the vibe it’s like dmc meets persona. To that point I’d love to make connections with the characters other than fighting, much like persona does by letting me go to them somewhere and chat, and it usually benefitting me. Maybe I get to level up from it or an item. I think I didn’t get any weapons in the beginning and suddenly got a bunch of weapons. And I know that the timers make it feel fast paced and add to the difficulty which is pretty cool. I hit a power wall and am glad for the opportunity to train, or figure out how to get stronger other ways. But I want to feel like I’m exploring a palace from persona, where I can get lost in a gate and find hidden treasures. Maybe like a 15 minute gate mission? Lastly there is an issue in the lobby where I am getting a loading circle very frequently like it may be reconnecting to the internet.

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1 month ago, SoulSilver13

An amazing game

This game really exceeded my expectations. I have experience with other gachas and in this game the rates seem to be a bit better than others. Rewards even within the first few days of playing are pretty huge. The way the added manga/comic style art scenes to tell the story outside important scenes i found to be pretty unique and a really awesome way. There are plenty of game modes to engage in. And the game even has controller support. Something that just caters to the players themselves. Thats pretty impressive. A minor issue would be the load times. They tend to be better at lower resolutions. And i get that this game is able to be played on a computer. And that makes it hard balancing things. Its really only a minor issue overall. But i would love to see the developers invest time into that. The battle and menu mechanics work very well. The art is spot on. It seems everything is well thought out. I cant wait to see where this goes. Thank you for bringing this great story to us in a game!

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1 month ago, Joyboy916

Leveling system

Yea not really a fan of the level requirements for stages. It’s restricting and makes the game less enjoyable. It also makes the game slow paced and boring. Still a really good game and the graphics are beautiful but still really don’t like level requirement for stages. It makes no sense why it would be there other than to force players to pay for diamonds to get more keys for gates or passes for more activity funds or be forced to fall behind while waiting for keys to play gates and collect activity funds just to catch up. Don’t restrict it so they are forced to wait even though they are way above required power level. Even if your power level isn’t enough, it shows that you can strategize around it and beat a level that is meant for when you are stronger. It would be wonderful if this system would be removed and let players play the game. Your game will die off because it’s boring and people don’t want to pay just to progress in the story or gameplay. Even if you have wonderful graphics it, doesn’t matter if your dumb level system outweighs it. No games with this type of level requirements for stages system last long. Just a thought to make your game more enjoyable and not make players feel forced to pay real money to progress.

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4 weeks ago, pofsnickname


I’d give this a five star review if this were a free to play game on Xbox or PlayStation instead of or in addition to it being on phones. Loading and lag is ridiculous regardless of my internet source or even the graphics quality settings. Notifications are harassive verbose and useless. This app is an absurd cashgrab, undeserving of being called a game due to requiring even less participation than most of final fantasy, most of the rewards for playing and or completing anything, are only accessible in parts through paywalls. Seems like netmarbel is even worse for solo leveling source content than they have been for m@rvel, considering how this content has been reorganized and covered in trash improv gear and equipment, or even merely with how the skills of the main character are limited to choosing only two at a time. I liked the graphic novels, I liked the show, but I do not like this game. Way too much text that is way too small for a phone. Slow and quite time consuming for being so monotonous, especially for having such little involvement anticipated. No refer a friend, invite a friend, or play with a friend option that I have found as of yet, despite better than turnkey publicity. Not one of the in game shop items available for purchase appears affordable, fair, or tempting. Ratings are worthless when any and every app starts and ends with 4.8/4.9 regardless of actual reviews anyway.

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1 month ago, really good and neat

Had high hopes for this

I was really excited for this game to release but unfortunately after about 2 hours of playing, just had to stop. The battle mechanics are choppy and unsmooth, it feels unfinished with my character swiping at the air and completely ignoring the enemy half the time despite being “locked on,” other times when dodging, it had an input lag of about a second or two. When using skills, you can’t animation cancel and instead will just continue until it’s done, even if you’re not aiming at the enemy. The graphics are good, the character models aren’t exactly accurate to the source material but it isn’t bad. I do like the weapon system and skill system, the options available to you enables you to play in various ways. The gacha system is fine, but the fact that they made a $20 outfit available on the day of release rubs me the wrong way. It makes the game just feel like a cash grab. Mostly because the game still feels clunky and overall unpolished but they’re putting their focus towards in-game cosmetics instead which is in my opinion ridiculous. Overall i would say if you enjoyed the solo leveling manhwa then try out the game. I wouldn’t say it’s the best game adaptation out there, maybe not even mid tier, but it has potential to be good, it just needs further development and polishing. Overall 2/5.

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1 month ago, theunhappygamer

Please remove some of the P2W features

This game is a great, I have put atleast 10hrs in it already and I have atleast 3 SSR units just from playin alone. I enjoy the variety of game modes and the story mode is great and challenging sometimes. I believe you guys did a good job with this game and it would be so much better if you remove the P2W features locked into the mission section. The story mode challenge and level up/ job change rewards are locked behind a pay wall for a whopping $22 I personally believe if u we’re to remove this option and make it free more people would willingly spend money to get other rewards if they weren’t lucky enough to get anything from the special summon tickets. Also please fix the loading screen I hate completing a mission and coming back to the loading screen and just sitting there for 2 minutes waiting to load back up to select another option. Can you also add a guild option as well so players can create guilds and gain rewards as a team. Overall this game is a 7/10 and can be so much better please listen to your fan base and customers after all we make this game a success or a failure. Thank you for your time !

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1 month ago, Dannycole13


It’s definitely an okay game don’t get me wrong, and yes you don’t have to be pay to win to be able to play it, but it’s so ridiculous on how much micro transactions they have on it. The pity system for a draw character is dumb, their isn’t a pity system for the special characters (unless I don’t see it) but I’ve gotten up to 80 pulls twice and didn’t get the special character. the story is great but feels kind of rushed in my opinion, the auto battle system can be really glitchy and your characters will use their attacks on, well nothing and face the other way when they use their attacks. The items you get for completing quests, dungeons and stuff is honestly lacking (wow you get 500 money, which is nothing woo) Granted, the game just came out and of course will have its own fare share of problems, but it definitely seems like a game that isn’t going to last long (again my opinion) I will probably only play it for a week or so and get bored and end up deleting it. But hey, if you’re reading this and enjoy the game and continue playing it then that’s good, just don’t fall into the micro transactions and spend a bunch of money like they are trying to get people to do, and spend so much on it for what you get even if you do spend money (one of the transactions is like 30 bucks and you get like, 20 pulls that’s it?)

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1 month ago, Slyslayer09


This game has been a complete annoyance to play. Don’t get me wrong, the game is very good and has a lot of potential to be one of the best but there are a few things deterring me from actually grinding and spending my money. The loading screens to begin with. Every time I complete something or go straight back to home there are these loading screens. Now it started of as nothing since I was enjoying the game since release day but now it just sickening of how much this keeps you back from progressing. I thought at least by now it’d be fix. Next is the crashes. What’s up with that? Very often my game would just randomly crash and I have no idea why. I’m playing on an iPhone and fully updated. I play a lot of other games and don’t get this problem. I even tried to go down to the lowest graphical settings at the lowest fps and it still crashes out. You see I want to enjoy the game but it’s very hard to atm. Please address these matters and I’m sure you’ll see better ratings and reviews. For now I have no interest in spending my money on the game and grinding it. Any update I see on the game I will come back because as I said this game is very good and has way too much potential!!

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7 days ago, Brandonesiac

Lack of control

I generally dont leave reviews for games, but this one made me really irritated. I get that most games have a tutorial you have to go through in order to both get a grasp of the game and continue on your own, however this one takes most of the control from you. It shows you how to add attribute points, then doesnt allow you to touch your attribute points for a solid 45 min to an hours worth of playthrough, it doesnt give the option to skip the forced walkthrough, and before you can wnd the walkthrough, you have to agree to allow a 3 day free trial of a subscription based buff to be on your account. Yeah you could just immediately turn it back off, but the fact that it forces you to accept it to begin with is not acceptable. When i download games, i expect to be able to be the one playing the game, dont take me through 27 different missions i get no say so in, dont force me to immediately start the next mission immediately, let me play the game. Im not giving this game a chance past the hour or so i already have, its already ruined any enjoyment i might have had by taking the control of the game from me. I get this probably sounds whiny, but it should be the gamers choice, not the games

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1 month ago, Halo sparton 4

one of the best i’ve seen

i’ll start off by saying i’ve been playing the 7DS game made by Netmarble for over 2 years now, so my opinion is valid. this is one of the best mobile games i’ve ever played, both graphical wise and fighting mechanics. i’d go as far to say it’s THE BEST i’ve ever played, had this game on preorder for 4 months and don’t regret a single thing. i’m 2 1/2 days into playing, haven’t spent a dime, and have already drawn a stacked team. i had high hopes for this game when i saw Netmarble was the developer and they absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. my only hope for the future is implementing collabs similar to the 7DS game they have, if done right, could be an absolute game changer and could draw in a ton of new players. all in all, the absolute best mobile game i’ve played in a very very long time! 100% recommend to anyone who’s a fan of this manga/anime and anyone who loves pretty fair gacha games without having to spend money.

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1 month ago, Varxius

Game State

The game is overall pretty good, with good graphics and interesting gameplay like sjw being able to use any weapon, however, this is overshadowed by quite a lot of problems. 1. The joystick is too far into the corner, sometimes not inputting move left-back 2. You are limited to using Sung-Jin-Woo for around 80% of the time, which is pretty stale 3. The ridiculous perfect clear requirement - in the later stages, a lot of the time has the limited to (…) attacks taken, which is stupid considering one combo or multiple mobs attacking at once can make you lose the challenge. Another pointless challenge is the player needs to clear the stage in less than (usually) 1:45-2 minutes, and that is practically impossible to do without p2w and getting 5* as the max damage I was able to do with r3 4* weapon is 1 bar of the boss’s hp in 15sec ( which they have 10 bars). Overall, unless you want to play the game on hardcore mode in a buggy state or you have money to spare, this will be very frustrating to play. Those who voted 5* is only buying into the hype of it being Solo Leveling or are p2w not suffering from the state of f2p

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1 month ago, Ftggthyeherd

Just another mobile game

Game is already riddled with micro transactions. Once out of the tutorial you immediately slammed with packs, and a subscription, and gacha mechanics. This usually isn’t a problem, but the sheer amount of things you can buy when this game just launched is crazy. Gameplay is alright, the camera is so annoying, very jumpy, not super easy to control, and the lock on mechanic doesn’t auto target the next enemy after killing one. That usually wouldn’t be an issue either, but again the camera controls aren’t great to begin with. Not to mention the game is terrible optimized. You’re hit with a loading ring after opening any menu, closing any menu, talking to an npc, entering an event, leaving an event, opening the store, opening the gate map. The loading is so unbearable it’s was the final nail in the coffin for me. Not to mention the story is so condensed if you haven’t read or watched the source material, you are going to be so lost and there will be a lot of plot holes, because the game assumes you already know it. It’s really a let down, since I love the manhwa and the anime, but this game just isn’t it. It’s just another copy paste mobile game unfortunately

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1 month ago, chip37292

Love the anime!

Hi net-marble, I really love the anime and the game interpretation u guys made! Overall this is a great game as it combines skill and time to progress which in my opinion is really great. There r a few things though. One thing that has been bugging me was every time I return to the main screen. It always takes time to load before I can do anything which is quite annoying. I am not sure if it’s a problem in my end though. Another thing is the stick movement. I keep it on semi but control most of the movement I make but it tends to drift to the sides every once and a while which makes me lose quite a bit of time when clearing levels. I also hope that you guys can work on making things more available to f2p people such as myself.

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1 month ago, ElectricHeeter

Great, could be GREATER

im really impressed at how well they adapted first the manwha to the anime, and now to a game like this. The story/gate system is really nice and fun to work with, and in my personal opinion, the length of story chapters is just about perfect, nothing like games like Blue Archive. (could be just becuase i have no attention span) The gacha aspect is just about what you would expect, but im a little dissapointed at how much is locked behind a paywall. I guess at this point its hard to find games that arent like this, but It would still be cool to at least get a couple more features as f2p. The lobby and character designs are also nice, but they have room for improvement. As for the upgrade system, I dont know much about it, since the game is so new, but I like how they carried over the skill points at the least. Thats pretty much all I have to say. Im happy with how the game turned out, and will probably continue playing it for at least a few months, depending on how far production goes.

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1 month ago, ManwhaReaderSinceDayOne

Great bases of solo leveling but feels out down by monetization

The game represents the story marvelously. It’s engaging and loved to see how the comics are in this too. Felt happy to see you get Sung Jin Woo as guaranteed character and you just grow him. The animation was even more impressive than what I though it would be for cut scenes. My score comes after a lot of little details out me off. I had a loading view after every single interaction with the game which could take 10 seconds to finish. First time I’ve seen this. Even just clicking the properties or just wanting to see inventory. The game has great content, but way too many transaction walled things. Auto dungeon mining? Monthly sub. Battle pass? Another monthly sub, not the same one and more expensive. Skins? As expensive as the battle pass. Pulls? Genshin Impact type system. You “might” get the character you want after 80. Not ensured. Took all posible monetization to max and not in a cheap way even with the amount of them. Could buy Triple A game with the cost of all subs.

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7 days ago, Bluntilda420

Exit out issue

You really need to adress and fix the exiting out issue before you drive even more people away I can tell the lagging was fix a bit. But not a lot I can handle the lagging cus I’m a gamer I have delt with many glitches and a. Bit of lag in many games in my 27 years of life if being a gamer but some times like stuff like cyber punk a lot of people gave up on the game when it first came out till they did their best to fix there issues and yours so far is the exiting out I feel like it’s getting worse so before the next big update you need to get even if a small group to work on it while others deal with the updates if you want to keep it people coming the reason I’m still playing it cus I have fond memories cus it was the first manwha I read like SAO was the first anime I watch so I appreciate and cherish them a lot so that’s why I’m toughing it out but I have thought about stop playing but I truly enjoy this game

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1 month ago, Tman368

Eh, whys tutorial so long? Lost interest

Longest tutorial I've had to do since 05-07 runescape tutorial island. Definitely a buzzkiller early on like a bad thesis statement in an essay or a bad first impression. Also wasn't a fan of the auto play during these first few levels. Game is visually appealing but all n all looks like another missed potential game due to devs not caring and just pushing something out because they know theres a market for it. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone on the dev team weren't actual gamers or mobile gamers at that (or even fans of the franchise). You can make a car pretty as can be on the outside but if it has a bad interior or engine well its a lemon! & the directional dashing is delayed or not fully in sync - either that or the autoplay (which cant be turned off in tutorial) is the issue. Deleting before I make it past level 7. Sorry work gentlemen. Even the tutorial displays repetitive gameplay that relies on lore to keep you hooked. Not a good quality product

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1 month ago, FilmRen

Good game, just needs tweaks

Writing this 2 days after release: Overall, the game is good. I haven’t read the manhwa (manga) and only watched one episode of the anime so far, and I would say it seems like a faithful story adaptation with some game-only canon events. Gameplay is live action combat with skills, dodge, and attack mechanics. The camera control feels kinda junky on mobile, however my opinion of the PC client may differ, and so does the movement D-pad. I find myself running in the wrong direction a lot and it’s inconvenient to tap the “Target” button while also trying to tap my skills and dodge, but maybe that’s a skill issue. As for servers, it may just be due to high server volumes, but there is a buffering time when going from screen to screen, NOT including the actual loading of the environment/resources/assets. For example, I load into the game and there is a buffer that can last from 10 secs to maybe a minute. Then I want to access my weapons from the quick menu, and then there is another buffering time of the same duration when I reach the page, and again when I want to go to the home screen. These buffering times add up and can shave off a lot of play time in the little free time I have. If this could be fixed, this review would change to a 5-star, but for now the buffering is a major inconvenience. TLDR: GOOD GAME! FIX BUFFERING/LOADING TIME BETWEEN SCREENS

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1 month ago, CazXZX

Loading times

I have enjoyed my experience so far, however a few things have made me heavily dislike my time playing this game. First off is that i have noticed many things that seem like they are free at first glance are in actuality things that cost money. They lure you in and make it seem like they are a ftp feature just for them to cost money, the thing that is bothering me the most is the loading. I have a fairly powerful phone, it runs games with much higher graphics with ease. Yet every time I am in the menu it is constantly stopping and loading. This is extremely distressing and is harmful towards the experience in my opinion, i found myself loosing patience with it and it severely diminished my mood. It ran smoothly when inside of gates and during gameplay but in the lobby and menu it continued to stutter and pause periodically to load, this is the cause for my low rating of the game at the moment, hopefully the developers can solve these issues and make a more enjoyable experience for their playerbase

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1 month ago, Advance in

Almost Nailed It

This is my first review ever for a game. I’m a huge SL fan so I have been waiting in anticipation for this game since the day it was announced. Here’s how I feel so far. I played the pre release and continued onto global, playing every day for 2-8 hours. You can absolutely tackle everything without micro-transactions, it’s just a lot more difficult. The graphics and combat are great, enemy variety is pretty decent too. I hope to see an easier way to obtain certain things like gold and xp just to help with QoL. This elephant in the room is the infamous netmarble micro-transactions, absolutely criminal prices and amounts littered throughout the game. Simple things you could get in a day could cost upwards of $25, absolutely insane levels of greed. Overall, play the game and resist resist resist the urge to drain your bank account. Maybe buy one thing if you really want to but don’t turn yourself into a whale to encourage this behavior.

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4 weeks ago, sav363#2451

Pretty good

This game is very good good graphics and good quality. A few things to note for people downloading and for management, please fix the controls the movement joystick is far to the left not making it unplayable just very wierd and kinda annoying also loading can be a bit slow or the game basically crashes again not often enough to make the game unplayable just very annoying to have to navigate through. Overall this is a very good game I haven’t gotten to far into it but I am loving it so far and can see the massive potential it has to not only be a really good solo leveling game but I would say it could be the best anime game on mobile if the devs care enough to listen to their players and update fix and enhance this game. Please please please try this game out if you are a anime or solo leveling fan and please please please devs listen to your player base and don’t just leave the game.

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2 weeks ago, Gheobhengjwjgiwycjwjfwivusj

Great game but some of the complaints are true

Before playing the game i looked through and read the reviews to get an idea. After playing the game for a while (shadow monarch lvl 35 jinwoo) It is super fun, the combat and animations are nice and there’s tons to do with more to come. Sadly, as with all mobile games, there’s tons of micro transactions available. i’m completely free to play and already got 4 ssrs (highest rarity). the cool part is that i wasn’t super lucky, there’s just so many rewards for playing and progressing that ive almost maxed the garuntee ssr rate every time (80 pulls). grinding is fun and rewarding and that’s what makes it okay. you don’t have to spend money to roll for hunters or get anything. if you play what’s available i haven’t been stopped once so far with nothing to do. 5/5 game 4/5 because it’s a mobile game (gacha money grab). it comes to pc Q3 this year looking forward to it

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1 month ago, dante_^

Endless Loading Circles

Game is phenomenal. Controls are fairly easy to use and combat/gameplay is extremely fun. Voice acting in the game is outstanding, and thank you for inputting English voices. RNG for characters and weapons have the same issues like any other gacha games (Honkai Star Rails and Genshi etc.), where weapons takes 90-95 percent of drops and characters are 5-0 percent drops. Not a big fan for expectations of buying “guarantee” packs for summoning, many players get the idea that is how the developers gets their cash to continue updating the game but still a nuisance for FTP players. Loading Circles. Happens incredibly too often, making the overall experience lackluster and resulting the game to be almost unplayable. Understandably, like a ongoing tread, every game isn’t build to perfection especially from launch. However, the fan base is strong and have high hopes for updates, bug fixes, and server improvements in the future of this amazing game.

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4 weeks ago, This game is bad super bad

A real review

Theres some good and some bad, 4.8 is fake asl its not close to 4.8 good but all these games always get rated to high, basically the graphics/animations/character models are great, the world is nice and it follows the story as you would imagine, the bad stuff comes in with the extreme loading times, its unacceptable for netmarble who usually do well with this, longest load times in any game iv played ever, second is the grind is horrendous, if you think you can auto all your dailys think again once you hit around level 40 the auto is dumb as bricks so itll just die everytime even though you can win easily if you controlled it, but having to do so much daily grind manually is cancer, gold/premium currency/exp basically all recources are hard to come by even with dailies theres no great way to get exp for your weapons, overall its a solid 3 but you will get burnt out especially with how the auto becomes less and less viable as you go

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1 month ago, JH94671

Cool but bad intro and day 1 experience

The bad: First thing that pops up after the tutorial (and I assume it’ll pop up daily or every launch) is a pass to buy. There’s also a battle pass on top of this with an online store packed full of things for purchase with real money and daily freebies so you engage with it. It is predatory in that individuals are also pressed to keep spending once they spend (rewards for multiple purchases). Should be against the law. Stinky whale bait. Tutorial is on rails, leaves nothing for you to do except be forced to click and play through several levels and UI elements for 20+ minutes. Tutorial could have been done in a single level with a small UI guide and taken less than 5 minutes. If rerolling for good draw rng is something you wanted to do in this, it is sorta tedious. Navigating the UI is incredibly slow (mobile). I assume due to network traffic. If true, the decision to have UI selection on the server side of things is atrocious and should be client side (except stuff that actually requires a connection). If false, improper optimization. The good: Great art style; combat play is what I’d call Genshin Impact Lite (which is good and works). No noticeable game breaking bugs in the single launch of this game. Neutral: Things are “lore friendly”. Meaning its not exactly bad but is a twist. Works for a video game. The tutorial doesn’t force you to interact with the online store unless you consider the first popup part of the tutorial.

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1 month ago, Muhahhaah23444


I’ve probably never had worse RNG in any gatcha game in my life. There’s no reason my buddies should be pulling ridiculous amount of SSR’s while when spending about a hundred dollars I barely have 6 scattered throughout weapons and characters. Constantly only getting them by hitting pity while everyone else around me pulls double SSR’s and triple banner characters? Gameplay is fun enough but I can’t wait to struggle through end game while everyone else blows through it because my luck was worse than them? Fix your rates, I’ve pulled close to 360 times there is zero reason I should constantly have to hit pity to get a single character or weapon that isn’t even good. I’m back to double down! After unlocking the shadow stuff the game becomes virtually unplayable. I’ve got an iPhone 14 so I should be able to run this perfectly fine but the insurmountable amount of lagged mixed with the garbage pull rates really sets this game apart as the worst gatcha netmarble has ever made

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2 weeks ago, sgshsnns

I’d like the play the game at some point

The game itself is good, but why is it that I have been playing for about 20-30 minutes now and I’m still in the tutorial. the games still trying teach me how to play and trying to show me tips and how to upgrade characters and all that. Solo leveling isn’t the first of its kind. There is no reason for such a Long tutorial it honestly makes me not even want to play the game anymore because of how irritating it is. I guarantee you a good 90 to 95% of the people who play this game; it is not our first time playing games like this. I don’t know if there’s a fix to it but if there is a way please shorten it for other players almost everyone I know who plays share my frustration.

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2 weeks ago, Monarch of Shadows

Pretty decent but too many paywalls

Since it’s release it’s obvious this game has good potential and the game play and leveling up of characters seems pretty decent, the issue is, after a certain point you either need to wait to level up skills, weapons and armor of not only the main character, but of all the other support characters you acquire. Summoning items take time to acquire and when you “summon” or draw, it tends to be very disappointing, you will mostly get useless weapons or 1 SR character who after a certain point, are mostly useless. If you want to process quicker within the game, you get a lot, and I mean a LOT, of in game purchase suggestions, like passes and what not. Which make it disheartening and pointless if you just wanted to see the characters grow. Might as well go and read the manwha or grind patiently for days on end

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1 month ago, Matthias 18

Before you get.

The game is really good, animation to the voices and more, there is only 3 problems about the game that I hope they can fix in the next update. 1) the game loads for everything, I mean in if you tap the menu button it loads and it takes forever, I hope they can fix it to run more smoothly so it doesn’t have to load for each and everything you tap on. 2) the game crashes way too much and I’m having a hard time playing for more than 10min with out the game crashing. 3) because it loads for every button you press, it makes the game lag a lot which makes the game crash, the fighting animations are amazing be I sometimes sit and wait for 5 minutes till the lag stops or the game just crashes, you can’t fight well because of the lag in the fights but when you don’t lag each skills animations looks nice.

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1 month ago, tinfoilknight_

Pretty solid game (Unbiased Review)

I have never read Solo Leveling, so I went into this game with no prior knowledge. The beginning explains the logic of the world it takes place in pretty well, and didn’t leave out any details that people that have already read it would’ve known. As for the mechanics, the combat is very easy to get into, and honestly one of my more favored combat systems. I think the best part is the fact that, although there definetly are a lot of microtransactions, you do not need to purchase anything to get better things from the gacha, and to also level up fast. This game is definetly a 10/10 for me, and I am excited to play some more, and dive deeper into the lore as well.

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1 month ago, GiuQueiroz

Laggy experience, too easy and fast paced

I really like the graphics and that they included the manwha pictures and added new animations to the story chapters. However, the experience is not fluid because it keeps freezing and lagging and yes I've tuned down the settings (all the way). As for the gameplay, it is also laggy and feels too automatic. I do not like that they limit our freedom as players and force us to click and play the beginning chapters and not let us explore because I like finding out how to play myself and I believe most people would agree. They also just throw skills at us to use without making it a reward and the damage is extremely high for every hit, making the game way too easy and not fun as a first fresh experience. Players like a challenge, tune up the monsters health, tune down our damage and give us more freedom of choices in the beginning without all the boring tutorials that doesnt even let us change the laggy settings. Optimize the game for better performance and there you go... u could even charge people for a polished game. Although I am a fan of Solo Leveling and I love that we're getting a game, I just pray it gets better because I already didnt get a good experience and I just started (played for about 1.5 hours).

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2 weeks ago, Black Zhor


I really enjoy the game but when doing “special draws” is annoying because I would get some really good units or weapons but I can “only choose one” and I have to pay monthly just to get one character is insanely frustrating and really stupid, just to spend all that time and get nothing but have to pay monthly for one unit is dumb and the fact that I don’t start off with the MC in his normal blue jacket is is a big no for me or the fact that I don’t get to pay as the MC’s younger looking self before the reawakening and only see it in story mode or memories is annoying along the the stages to level up. I hate the fact I don’t know how to get DIAMONDS or find a tutorial on how to get it beside buying it is annoying. Starting off with at least 2K diamonds is good then knowing how to earn more in game without paying REAL MONEY would be nice.

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2 weeks ago, Ft glycogen

Great potential but needs lots of fixed

As a lover of the manga and anime for solo leveling, I’m really enjoying the mobile game as well. However, the game crashed very very frequently (5-10mins) and is very very laggy at times. I usually can’t complete a mission or event that’s B rank or higher without experiencing massive frame rate drops. It’s not uncommon to have less than 1 FPS for a period of a few seconds. Mind you this is all on the absolute lowest graphic settings which I would think would make it not crash as often, also I’m running it on a iPhone 13. Since it’s single player I don’t think this affects the fight itself, but it’s very annoying to deal with. In conclusion, I want this game to succeed, I have fun playing it but there are quite a few fixes needed for it to reach the 5 star rating I think it has the potential for.

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4 weeks ago, AtomicScythe8

Make auto lock mechanics better

This game is great and has a beautiful art style. The only complaint I have is the battle system, specifically the auto lock mechanic. The auto lock mechanic is annoying to say the least. When your fighting a pack of monsters, it’s difficult to lock on to a single opponent and focus on that monster alone. It’s also annoying that you need to double tap after every enemy you kill in order to lock onto another enemy. There’s not many issues with the system when it comes to bosses (excluding bosses with minions) ,but the only way to sort of fix it is by going into auto mode instead of fighting manually. But what’s the fun in that? Please improve the system to make battling manually more enjoyable. Thank you.

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1 month ago, ShanoodleBean

First Impressions & Pro/Con Of Game

I have been with Solo Leveling since it first started releasing chapters of the webtoon. I love everything about the webtoon, the story, and most recently the anime; this game is not quite what I expected. I do want to note, the art is completely different (for understandable reasons), but they incorporated the webtoon panels so well, it feels more like an omage to the original artist. It takes you through a shortened/quick-notes version of the webtoon in the tutorial (with direct from the webtoon panels), so it is a good refresher for the story, but definitely misses key points (read/watch is better for full story). Gameplay itself is smooth, sorta wish it was a console game because the playability feels like something for PlayStation consoles (reminds me of the Final Fantasy series). My largest complaint is that JinWoo is WAY too overpowered in the beginning of the game (I’m talking tutorial here since I haven’t finished it yet). Doesn’t feel like a challenge and almost feels wrong for him to be so powerful and have so many skills/abilities right away. Here’s to hoping the power scaling gets better and hopefully when skills are used it feels more like they have been properly earned (like in the original story).

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2 weeks ago, Tenzin Bohra

Would be a great help if they could do something about this game

I like this game in the beginning but suddenly after two weeks since the new update came to this game suddenly I experience lot of unexpected crashes with no reason even though my Wi-Fi connection very fast and reliable but since the new update there has been a lot of game crashes and lagging on my iPad . I really hope if the developer of this game Netmarble would work on this problem for IOS users since this game is lagging a lot and crashes in between in the middle of a fight and it’s really annoying when it happens that in the middle of the match. And lastly there should be a multiplayer mode like other games in which we can play with our friends and clash with random people online. I really appreciate if the developer would fix this problem sooner.

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3 weeks ago, Dxpressi0n


The game is good. I love it, but I have some issues. Firstly, there is an issue with loading. I constantly get a loading circle, like I'm reconnecting to the internet, or the game just crashes me for no reason. Secondly, the game is very fast-paced. It forces you to go through the tutorial at an extreme pace and doesn't even let you have any breaks. The game also doesn't flow that well with the manga. Why is Jinwoo fighting lizardmen at the very beginning? Isn't he the weakest hunter? He should be fighting and struggling against something weaker, like slimes or goblins. I would rate the game lower, but because I respect the manga and the anime, I have to give it a solid three stars. Please fix your game and I'll consider redownloading it. It feels like it was rushed to release, and there are a lot of things that need to be fixed, so fix it.

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4 weeks ago, Cubanofdeath

Pay To Win

Massive fan having read the series and watching the newly released anime series. Soon as i heard this was coming out as a game i was so excited. Been playing since launch and aggressively too, but the game slows down and eventually becomes impossible to play UNLESS you pay to win. Gold is scarce and there’s relatively no other simple way to obtain necessary amounts unless you do the story and challenges and even then it’s not enough. My character is level 47 with 3 SSR’s and i can’t complete stages now due to the required power level needed to fight the bosses. It’s sad to see a great game turn into a pay to win function JUST to be able to get into the content. I get you want to make money but…. Fantastic way to lose players, and this is coming from a 7DS Global player of almost 4 years. Fix it please

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4 weeks ago, Yo_Luke345

Major Issue that needs to be addressed

PLEASE FIX THE LOADING PROBLEM! I’ve never seen a game where one gets constantly stuck in a loading circle after a single action. Talk to someone? Loading circle. Finish a mission? Loading circle. Existing? LOADING CIRCLE! This is driving me, and most likely others, insane. This simple issue is ruining the gameplay. The game itself is pretty good too. Fun combat system (though not being able to cancel an attack animation is annoying), great character design, and I like how it explores other characters’ backstories or side stories in general. Decent amount of rewards for summoning too. But it’s hard to want to keep going when the game is constantly STUCK ON A LOADING CIRCLE. Oh, that and the game crashing constantly.

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1 month ago, Hdickeubdi

Game is ok

The game is ok but man is there so many advertisem*nts for purchase bundles and other such things in-game. I’m pretty sure some of the YouTubers were paid to give good reviews on this game and given loads of in-game loot to make it look appealing. The game is slow and bogs down on my phone (iPhone XR), but it could just be my phone reaching its end of life. Battery consumption is no joke! Play with it plugged in to charge. Crashes several times tho as I said before could be performance wise on my phone platform. But to end this review I do enjoy solo leveling and the bits of colored manhwa displayed along with animated bits are great! The pay wall to do a bit more or the constant rotation of advertising in the top left corner of the game or the fake gacha 15 x10 pull to set you up to hit a pay wall just to get one item from it is a let down. Really just seems like they are cashing in on kids and adults who really like this series.

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4 weeks ago, johnreybbb

Needs more rewards

Progressing through this game was pretty fun for me until the 3rd day. I realized that it becomes very slow to level up without paying something. I feel that the rewards that are given upon completing story modes, gates, dungeons, etc. just aren’t enough. That is my biggest complaint about this game. Making resources more accessible would be great. Also, it would be nice to add character reset so we can get back resources and use them on other characters. Again, since the resources given are so little it makes it very hard to level up hunters, artifacts, and weapons. This game overall has been pretty fun for me those are just some suggestions that I have.

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1 month ago, BestBoy28


Haven’t gotten far yet, but seems like it has potential. Combat is engaging and has an interesting world built which wasn’t unexpected. The problem is the tutorial. I know why games, this one included, make you run like twelve missions before even letting you look over your characters’ skills. I dont feel like my hand is being held, I feel Im behind pulled along by a painful rope. The fact that devs and higher ups, think we don’t know why they do this is makes me upset. Im stoopid at times but not so stoopid to not realize they don’t want people rerolling accounts when their first few gift summons are complete trash. This is one of the more egregious examples in that it forces you into a fight then you make a nickname, they show you how to add a character in your party (lul) then force you into a fight, show you how to equip a sword then force you into a fight. Its annoying because basically everything they’re giving instructions for is common sense really and could literally all be explained in one dang fight lol. I hated to even keep going through the tutorial, because they treat you stupid and they think you’re too stupid to not see their whole tutorial is a made-up joke lol.

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4 weeks ago, Sistameare

Loading issue but fun

Review 1: 5/5, Having fun as of now and also having an issue with loadings every interaction like navigating to the menu, summon, or event then go back it will give loading icon each time. It pisses me off. Please try to fix this loading issue. I can sense p2w; the price is crazily high just for skin and some bundles. Review 2: Dropped to 3/5 rating. My issue is once you reached certain high level that requiring ridiculously amount of XP, there is nothing to grind beside story and funding that gives tremendous of XP, others gave very low. It is hard to level up fast. Due to that, you had to rely on daily reset which is a gate to get bonus XP to level up further. Leveling up weapons are also hard as well. Events are boring and pointless, no essence stones.

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4 weeks ago, Thalacar

Tremendously Disappointed

TLDR; this game is completely unplayable as is. I honestly expected more from you Netmarble. Let me be clear: the game is actually quite enjoyable… when I’m able to play it that is. The game is so horribly optimized on mobile that even running it on the lowest possible graphic settings with minimal brightness and no other apps open or running in the background my phone still overheats and the game crashes every 20 minutes. And the PC version isn’t any better. It runs smoothly on the PC tho at least… ya know… when you’re actually able to log in that is. I tried logging in about 30 times one day and got the same “Login Failed” error. Customer support was no help whatsoever and as far as I can tell the team in charge of bugs has yet to even acknowledge that the issue exists (despite persisting for weeks and for multiple players).

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1 month ago, SMCode

Bad Pull Rates + Frustrating Server Pings

Pulling an SSR is at a staggeringly low rate of 1.25% (I could be off by .25 or so, it in the 1% range though) and weapons are in the same banner as characters. Honestly, that’s not even my issue. The game pings the server every time you do ANYTHING, even something as simple as closing a menu. This is pretty normal behavior except it means you have to sit there 2-3 seconds after closing a menu for the server to be pinged. That with the addition of the slowest UI animations you’ve ever seen make for a frustrating gameplay experience as most of your playtime will be moving through menus and waiting for the server to catch up. Controls are a bit clunky too but usable. Quite a bit of effort was put into this game though. I would recommend it if you can handle the server catchup thing and are a whale.

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1 month ago, Nhlikeaboss

Auto arena fighter

Great anime, game has clearly had alot of funding and thought put into it. The only gripe I have is the tutorial length and the lack of freedom to choose and explore the menus. I’ve been told what to press for the past hour and I honestly want to uninstall the game for this reason. YOUR PLAYERS DO NOT NEED TO BE FORCED TO CLICK THROUGH THE START OF THE GAME, WE ARE NOT STUPID. I also wish the controls were more intuitive with movement. It’s a fixed radial pad and my thumb doesn’t always want to go to the same spot. It needs to be allowed to register in any location on the left half of my screen. I also do not like the auto movement and auto battle aspect. You can control your character but once you let go you will be forced into the games decisions. I can’t escape the mediocrity in game or in the main menu. Please give players more freedom…

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3 weeks ago, Minimoose323

Great game, poorly optimized

Solo leveling Arise is great game in all the effects, the graphics and story we all come to love. The characters and mechanics that allow us to dive deeper into the world of solo leveling are very well polished and playable, but there are some times where the game freezes in intense battles and scenes with mobs or bosses. I would love to see and patch so we can further enjoy the game with less freezes. There is also a small issues where every time you leave a mission ad return to main hub the loading circle appears and endlessly loads for a few seconds before disappearing, this happens after collecting anything from challenges, mining rewards and battle pass items, gets annoying after a while. Looking forward to the updates !

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3 weeks ago, Santoofjjekdyfoe

This game needs tons of work

This game looks great but it doesn’t feel like solo leveling where you have to use hard work to progress no matter the odds, there shouldn’t be a cap but a risk all games do not have a cap unless it’s play to win, people grow tired of those games and usually stop playing them you can profit much more if you allow things to become more freely, just like dragon legends it’s not pay to win the more you play the more you get to play I’ve had that game downloaded for 6 years and it was the best I still play it now. I’m for sure this game can go crazy fix stuff up have a vip that gives you point or you can purchase points gotta give the people an option. They will play them longer and be more than likely to spend more, work smarter not harder

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4 weeks ago, Mschoey02510

I like it but

It’s fun missions are fun besides not following the story that well but other than that the targeting system is god awful it’s completely inconsistent. Like I would rather it target automatically and than allow me to change who I’m targeting not me having to set the target at the beginning of every fight. When a boss fight starts who else am I going to target and if his little minions spawn sure I’ll switch target if I have to. Other than that the targeting system also likes to just turn off I’ll set my target kill it and then instead of targeting the next enemy like it’s supposed to I’m staring at the wall of a cave and I only have so many fingers. Other than that the games great

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4 weeks ago, Nomadic_Adventure


To kick things off , the game is pretty good…progress is wayyyy quicker than the show, no struggle yet (on my first day) overall great gameplay, with a DMC feel to it. Seemingly plenty of characters, items, and quests. However, the loading screens are atrocious, I’m on iPhone 14 and even between menu items there’s a loading circle present, really puts a damper on the flow of the game between doin anything outside of a mission. Additionally, in the dice roll menu, the continue rolling button does nothing and unchecks after a single roll. All in all, worth checking out. I’m hoping these dungeons get longer or content stays interesting, I’m only 1 day in so I’ll update at another point in time.

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Acquire Skadi, a pistol imbued with the god of winter and the hunt's vengeance! Only available in Solo Leveling:ARISE! Get a Legendary Artifact Set + Sung Jinwoo's Black Suit costume just by playing the game! The adaptation of the webtoon with 14.3 billion views is playable NOW! [The action-packed webtoon comes to life with amazing graphics!] Play as Jinwoo and experience every moment of his climb from the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind to the world’s strongest hunter! Experience the webtoon’s story - and discover brand new exclusive stories! [Play strategically with swappable equipment and skills!] Watch your combat style evolve based on your choices! Dodge with Extreme Evasion, and then strike a killing blow with a perfectly timed QTE skill! [Play as the top hunters from the original story!] All your webtoon favorites are here, including: Ultimate Hunter Choi Jong-In, Beastly Baek Yoonho, and the unparalleled Cha Hae-In! Combine different hunters, abilities, and tactics and form your ultimate team! [Challenge dangerous dungeons and defeat powerful bosses!] As you grow stronger, so do the gates! Form your teams, apply your strategies, clear the gates, and obtain rewards! Tackle an array of different game modes, including massive dungeon raids, boss replays, and Time Attack content where every second counts! [Become the Monarch of Shadows and recruit your army!] Command squads of loyal Shadow Soldiers by extracting the shadows of monsters you have defeated and recruiting them as your new allies! The Hunters Association Premium Subscription is a monthly subscription item, and the price of $9.99 per month (or regional equivalent amount) will be charged to your Apple ID after purchase. Payment is made automatically every month from the first payment date until you cancel the subscription, and your Apple ID account will also be charged when the monthly subscription is renewed. Users can cancel the subscription through their Apple account settings, and if they don't cancel their subscription 24 hours before the next payment date, their subscription may be automatically renewed. (*The subscription cancellation policy is based on the marketplace cancellation policy.) Visit the Official Forums for the latest updates and more information about the game! Official forum: Official Discord: Official Youtube: Official Facebook: Official Twitter(X): Official Instagram: ※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings. ※ By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Terms of Service: - Privacy Policy:

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