Tears of Themis iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)

2 years ago, Ellaphents

Amazing game!!

This game is honestly amazing, and I never write game reviews. I stumbled across this game in my recommended (probably because I played Genshin Impact) and I had never played an otome game before. The story and writing is so good, especially in English, that it is impossible not to get hooked! The character development of each person, including the MC, is subtle and realistic, and the relationships you build feel genuine. Each character also has a very distinct personality with interesting and unique story lines, making it worth spending the time to get to know each one of them. Additionally, this game is super F2P friendly! The gacha is well balanced and you’re able to progress at a steady pace without spending any money at all and still getting the cards and story levels that you want. I have spent a little money for certain things but only because I wanted to, you definitely don’t need to spend anything to enjoy this game! Since playing this, I have looked for other otome games and tried Mr Love, Ayakashi, and a couple other popular ones but nothing has compared to Tears of Themis. None of them have been as well balanced for F2P, their interfaces had way too much stuff going on which was too confusing, and the writing was not half as good. Thank you so much Hoyoverse for releasing such a great game!! Please keep it up.

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6 months ago, olivia julianne

Absolutely immense game

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for a mobile game before but oh my god does this deserve all the positive feedback it gets. The art and graphics are breathtaking and extremely high quality quality for mobile. The main gameplay is interactive and super enjoyable. Being able to move around the investigation scenes adds so much depth. The plot is always engaging and the cases do increase in difficulty as you progress :) I love the addition of being able to interact with characters outside of the main story and just hang out n play mini games with them. Their banter always makes me laugh and being able to get glimpses of their background makes it worthwhile. There are several independent mini games as well, on top of seasonal events. Each of them have multiple levels and challenges. Honestly the mini games alone could serve as their own apps. It’s insane how much content is in this app and it’s still baffling to me that 1. it’s free to play; this is a game I would absolutely pay money for & 2. That it’s a mobile game. It seriously has the quality and depth to be mistaken as a pc game. To anyone who enjoyed Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, or any other problem-solving or mystery game, I guarantee you’ll love this game as well. The loss of storage space is worth it, I promise lol

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2 years ago, riddy ahmed

Amazing game, but there’s a bug

First, I absolutely adore this game. The characters are all well rounded and act and feel like real people instead of solely anime tropes. All the four boys were great options, it’s the first game where I personally loved all of them and took a while to choose between them (eventually my favorite became Marius). The art is stunning and the animation is so fluid, I love the sprite expressions being more subtle which adds to how real the characters look and feel. And the MC in this game is by far the best I’ve seen. She’s smart, gorgeous, confident. Just feels like her own person and not a love interest all the boys fawn over. However there’s a small bug that’s been happening lately. It’s nothing that’s been making me avoid the game but is still annoying. On episodes three and four there have been some battles where you’ll have one or two turns left but the battle will end anyway saying it’s irrefutable. It gets a annoying when I can tell those two turns would’ve given me a win. I hope the devs fix whatever issue this is, it’s the only bug I’ve ran into and so far it’s only been in episode 3 and 4, I haven’t gone past 4 yet so I can’t tell if it’s in the future episodes.

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3 years ago, lilsamppod

An exceptional game with unfortunate crashes

This game is EXACTLY what i was looking for. It has the otome elements with card collecting/upgrading and the most advanced interactive play I’ve seen in a long while. Ive never been more immersed in a mobil game like this before. The graphics are beautiful, the voice acting is superb, and the gameplay elements are fun and addicting! I’m very surprised by this game and its “Phoenix Wright” inspiration. I’m so impressed by this game so far and love how it really makes me feel like a detective and lawyer at the same time! But there are some concerning issues that need to be addressed and hopefully patched soon. I’m not the first one to be victim of the constant and random crashes. Granted, I’m playing on a simple iPad, but even those with much more advanced phones are experiencing these bugs. At first I thought it was due to the transition between regular cutscenes to the more detailed and dynamic ones, but I even had crashes during debates and just trying to get through normal dialogue. I was afraid my AP was being wasted on a crash that was not my fault, but I don’t believe AP is being used as the events will still be read as “new”, but I could be wrong. This game is exceptional and I wish to see it thrive, but these crashes could make many players put it aside until a major fix is made.

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3 years ago, Sanyu.

Wonderful Game But Slight Issue

I love how you can investigate people and areas the cases revolve around. I also love how you get to experience being in court and using evidence to support your claim since it makes the game feel realistic. Additionally, I feel like I’m actually learning from this game which is not something I would expect from playing an otome game which makes this otome game special compared to others. I like how you can also go back every level and make different choices to see different outcomes. The character designs are lovely and the voice actors suit the characters perfectly. This game doesn’t require money to play since the cards can be obtained through hard work which is great for players who don’t have access to money. One detail I also loved was the fact that you could play Old Maid and Rock, Paper, Scissors with the male characters and I thought that was a very fun and unique touch. The only issue I have is there isn’t much interaction with the male characters besides in the story line and getting to visit them. I hope that there will be a feature that allows players to call the male characters or text them.

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2 weeks ago, raiydery

Not f2p friendly

I’ve played this game since release, and while the card stories and overall story is good, its impossible to enjoy as a casual player. If you want to collect ALL SSRs from all the boys, let me stop you right there. Even at the highest level, the amount of AP needed during events and daily tasks is so limited unless you spend your s-chips or choose to spend on gems for limited cards. The rotation of cards is also very short (most cards are up for less than a week) and the pity resets EVERY. TIME. Even choosing only one ML to pull for (Luke in my case) I still struggle getting enough s-chips for all his SSR’s, SR and even MR cards. Trust me, I've done all the hard grinding I can even when I cant play as often as I used to. The back-to-back events and SSR cards, whether for all 4 MLs or just one, its hard to keep up not spending some money for. I’m not gonna pretend I havent put money in this game either, I have, but at the very beginning before I realized its never ending. I understand its a gacha and managing your resources is part of it, but unlike Hoyo’s other games like Genshin and Star Rail, getting all the rewards for events feels close to impossible unless u log in multiple times a day or are pay to win. I love the story and characters, but if you’re a completionist I would be careful spending money in this game

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3 years ago, icyredjay

Great game but exhausting event pacing

With Tears of Themis, there’s a great balance between detective mechanics and the romance aspect you experience with each of the male leads. The main story is intriguing and well-voiced (makes you feel like you’re watching an anime at times) and the cards are beautifully illustrated and animated. The male leads’ stories are fun and interesting too, and I especially love the card stories for SR or SSR cards. My only complaint is that once you aren’t a newcomer anymore, you burn through your resources, and there just aren’t enough Stellin (coins essentially) or S-chips (rarer currency) to get you through the events. The event cost for Romantic Rail Getaway, for example, is 20 AP per debate, which is completely unreasonable given the event period. There’s no AP or S-chips left to use for daily and weekly tasks, and it’s extremely hard to buy Visions or save up S-chips when you’re constantly depleting your resources. The game needs to give players more opportunities to acquire resources without spending a ridiculous amount of AP, and it needs to pick back up with the main story and individual male leads’ stories instead of constantly squeezing in events. Other than that, ToT is a solid otome game, but beware burnout and burning through your resources.

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2 years ago, katie attack

an OK game :/

i don't think that there is enough opportunities to personal act any way towards the boys, like choice wise. some of the content is ableist or a terrible representation of mental illness. after a while the gameplay and unfortunately plot gets boring. like most gachas, summoning is easiest at the beginning of the game, then harder eveywhere else, this is not an exemption. the romancable characters are pretty decent though, i especially like their card stories. i've only played the cn dub but the va is really nice. the character design is okay too! characters like celestine, luke, kiki, etc. are really good but other charaters are... lazy? artem for example. i'd like to say that his personality makes up for it, but it doesn't because it's pretty cookie cutter. oh wow! cute childhood friend?? a rich kid who thinks he's all of that? a cold hearted business man? so. unique. wow. i say all of that, but their personalities and stories aren't terrible, but it's just so stereotypical. i should of mentioned this earlier when i was talking abt the gatcha system but it's not that bad when it comes to luck, most of the time i get a SSR or a SR it's before i'm guaranteed to. idk how to cut this game flack, but it's not that bad. i'd say if you would like to download the game, then do it. (even if it takes a bit more space up in your phone then you'd like ;))

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3 years ago, pippinlockwood

One of the best Otome games out there

I’m an experienced Otome player. I’ve played mystic messenger, obey me, ikemen sengoku, the arcana (if that counts), and way more that I don’t feel like listing. That being said this is one of my favorites that i’ve played so far, besides maybe mystic messenger mostly because of nostalgia. The storyline is very complex and brilliant, there is so much to do so you’ll never get bored, and probably my favorite thing about the entire game, playability. What I mean by that is, a lot of Otome games make it so hard to progress without spending real money. They do this with tickets, paid options, etc. I have found that this game is so easy to progress in (not in a boring way but in an enjoyable way). The thing that turns me away from a lot of Otome games I try to play is that it just takes to long to get anywhere. The first day I got this game I was already level 10. Because you can continue to play for so long, you can really get immersed in the story. Overall, this Otome game is 100% worth playing and has super unique features and gameplay that you won’t find in any other game. Highly recommend.

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3 years ago, Wewoop

Great Otome/gacha/detective game!!

Finally found an otome type game that gave me the same excitement as mystic messenger but this is so much better! The detective gameplay and investigation is actually such a cool mechanic and during the trials i felt like i was playing phoenix wright! The graphics are beautiful and i love the animations, the voice acting is spot on for what i’d think the characters would sound like and its such an easy interface to pick up you wont get lost TRUST ME. Playing games with the characters is a new touch in otome type games i’ve never seen before and quite enjoy, the only thing i’d suggest and maybe more interaction with said characters? So far its only their personal stories, main story, and games. I would love to give them gifts and call or message them on my own even if its pre-made i feel like they could really be like Mystic Messenger in the regard and step up an already wonderful gem of a game. Only game where i got interested in the actual story because they take on mature topics. Other than maybe adding more in regards to romancing the characters, its super fun to play!

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3 years ago, AsheDalmasca

Smart and engaging in the beginning

I only gave this a try because I have been playing Genshin Impact and was interested in seeing what an otome game from Mihoyo would look like. Was skeptical it would be any good, but I am pleasantly surprised. I don’t play otome games so I don’t know how this compares to others, but I love the Ace Attorney series. The main character here is refreshingly smart and likeable compared to how dumb Phoenix is. The cases deal with more mature and realistic themes, and I found myself engrossed in learning the truth and playing the next chapter. Update: have continued playing since launch, but the game has only updated the main story ONCE, with the rest of the time being padded out with obnoxiously boringly filler events. Have experienced a lot of crashing as well. A few of the “romantic” scenarios I’ve read from some of the cards are borderline sexual harassment (guess that’s common in otome games? I don’t know, but realistically with current events they’re tone deaf. It ends with the main character either excusing herself or pretending it didn’t happen which isn’t romantic at all.) Liked it at the start but lack of real content means there’s nothing to keep my interest. It’s become a chore to even open up the game.

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3 years ago, TeaDjinn

Amazing game for its genre (mystery/otome)!

One of the biggest contribution of why I love this game is the MC who we play as! Unlike a lot of other otome game mc’s the lawyer we play actually has a personality and is pretty intelligent and funny to boot lol the expressions she makes is really varied and I love when she makes the neutral dead eye face 🤣 she’s a very likeable character that don’t lose out to the male leads in smarts, but also is very strong in character, which I loved. She’s not overly cutesy and always a damsel in distress, rather she solves her problems herself in a very smart way with not too much help from the male leads, which makes her a very independent career woman type of character. Story and character personality-wise for the male leads, the story does not focus wholly on romance, but puts in a decent plot you play in the main story, and adds in the romance mainly for the male leads individual stories. The art for the cards are also very stunning, along with the mini stories they contain! Highly recommend this game as its more than just a romance game, but more like 60-70% story and 30-40% romance which is a good balance imo :)

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2 years ago, squashy_soapy

Another Great Game but…

This game is amazing with its great artstyle, graphics, and different mini gameplays like the “board game style” chibi game during events. Though I do have to say, the English grammar for the texts and plot line are a bit hard to understand because they’re are mistakes in them (but I don’t see it as a huge problem, because it’s easy to recognize what the text is actually saying. I also kind of wish that Hoyoverse would also make it so that recourses are a bit easier to get, for example, *we’re* only get a limited amount of S-Chips so when it’s an event time, I can’t really get enough to draw for the new gacha(s). I feel like the times we have events are when I can actually have a bit of time to save up for at least one 10-pull. I also would like it if when you need the passes (I forgot what they’re called) in the malls to exchange for different miscellaneous items and furniture for the NXX Lounge could be easier to afford. A lot of them are hard and take a bit of time to save up. But overall, I really do think that Hoyoverse has once again made another great game along with their other games.

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3 years ago, kwkdoekejdj

Amazing Game! But..

This game is amazing, I love being a lawyer and finding evidence to support my cases. I love how it’s built and everything about it, the characters designs are stunning and the story seems to be coming along good so far. Though I would like to say that maybe if we had more choice options, for example if we just get off a case we won/lost but we’re a bit exhausted and a character wants to hangout or something else, I think the option to decline or accept that offer should be our choice. It is very difficult to design games like these. Overall I think it definitely is coming along nicely. So I would just like more choice options in general, and maybe give us a limit to how many times we can mess up while trying to present evidence in a trial? I know I have zero right to be giving out advice but it would be amazing to have more choice options, it would make it very interesting too. Though maybe focus on the game crashing that keeps occurring first.

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3 years ago, Glintscale

Incredible Game, but crashes

I have not played many otome games or dating-type games but I have to say Tears of Themis has to be one of the best. The story and characters are really interesting and all the characters are likable. A thing that I noted was that the female characters in the story are really well-done and I don’t see that often from this genre. The main character is not made out to be useless, she is very intelligent and usually has good common sense. The female side characters are also perfectly suited in their roles and they don’t overstay their welcome. The in-game purchases are decently well-balanced and you can get currency by working hard if you’re free-to-play. I’m not too sure how good or bad the resource management is in the late game since I haven’t experienced it yet. The unfortunate thing about ToT is that I get a lot of crashes. I don’t use the most updated phone on the market but my friends also have this issue. Usually I just re-open the game, but I do wish I could open up the game and continue where I left off if I was in the middle of a story. Not crashing at all would be preferable, though.

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3 years ago, IbisX

Intriguing so far!

The game is still new and I really find myself enjoying the story. I love that cards have separate stories you can view and that’s my main motivation for collecting and leveling them. My only issues are that during investigations of crime scenes I often find things I click don’t react even when I try multiple times and in different areas. This results in me clicking the helping scan for clues which I would rather avoid just to realize the clues I am missing are areas I already clicked but didn’t get shown properly. Also, when you must match certain pieces of evidence to find an answer to a question in a case I find oftentimes there can be multiple answers so I get stumped and it’s sometimes frustrating to end up matching every card hoping something is right; this is more a personal problem than anything but is something I’ve noticed. Overall the art is gorgeous and so far the story is fun. All the characters are enjoyable but I can’t wait until we are able to see them develop into more complex people.

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2 years ago, Dedimiya

Amazing! But…

I think this game might be one of the best games I’ve ever played. The four love interests that you meet are soooo cool! I love the voices and I love the characters. I love the mystery of it all as well! These creators are amazing and if they come out with anything else I guarantee that I will play it. So thank you all for creating a game that is interesting,fun, exciting, and satisfies my need for beautiful animation! A couple things I’d have to say are that it’s a bit slow to load some things and after completing the rookie tasks I never got the 10 gems promised. Though I guess that’s not too important since I can earn some with S points and I already have good cards. It’s still kinda annoying. Sorry for complaining. I encourage others that are contemplating to get this game to just get it. It’s free, you don’t need to pay for anything because the more you play the more you get anyway, and it is beyond fun! Again thank you for making this game and providing me with a way to de-stress!!!

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2 years ago, MapleSheep723

Intelligent, compelling, unique!

This game is exceptional, I’m continuously impressed by it. The art and gameplay are remarkable, but what truly keeps me engaged is the storyline and compelling characters. In this game, you are not just a clueless girl surrounded by hot and often arrogant men. You are treated with respect by your love interest and actually recognized for your skills. I didn’t think that I would like the investigation aspects of it, but I was mistaken… That actually makes the game even more engaging and the cases that you have to solve are very well written. You can tell that the designers and developers put a lot of thought and research into this. It also feels like an honest game. Many games like this leave you without options and pretty quickly force you to spend money in order to move forward with the story. I don’t feel like that at all with this game. I will gladly pay for extra rewards but I don’t feel that I’m being forced to. This is a game that I want to support.

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3 years ago, Keira HB

fantastic game but about romantic night...

i absolutely ADORE this game, it was super well made and i love it so much, i cannot stop playing it! the characters are great and i love the storyline so far. my only issue is with what i believe to be a bug. during the romantic night event you collect tickets or something like that, to get puzzle pieces which unlock a picture, which in turn unlocks i believe a prize. just a bit ago i received 40 tickets for spending 400 AP during the event time. the problem with this is that i bought my puzzle pieces, i had i believe four, and could only place 1 and the rest were just GONE. now i had this issue earlier today as well, but forgot about it when getting the pieces. i don't know if this is only happening to me or if it is supposed to do that, i just thought i'd bring it up. but again, all in all, this game is so great and i will definitely recommend it to my friends if they are not playing already. ANYWAYS SUBMISSIVE AND BREEDABLE 😍💪

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3 years ago, Jf1017

Customer Service Issues

I love this game and I log in to play it everyday, if possible. I love the cards, the art, the layout, and more. Unfortunately, I've been having an issue with connecting to the customer service in game OR online. The reason I tried in the first place was because I was participating in the most recent "Cleaning Robot" event and since yesterday it started showing me a blank screen and not letting me connect regardless of my internet connection. I realized this wasn't a common issue so of course I tried the customer service within the app and I am unable to connect to that, too. I even went to the Tears of Themis website to get customer service help and the entire page will not load. Writing a review here was my last resort and I don't want to have to stop participating in the event. Help!

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3 years ago, Misspuppy123

Lovely but the crashes...

The game in itself is super entertaining and engaging. It’s kind of like an otome game version of Ace Attorney if that makes sense. The plot, gameplay, and characters are all interesting an entirely unique. I’d have to say this would be one of the most interesting mobile games I’ve played as of late. If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be the crashes. In just one sitting, my game has crashed more than five times. This is a problem because it usually happens after I spend AP for a chapter. It costs 10 AP to open a chapter, the game crashes, I go back on and my 10 AP is lost and I have to spend 10 more to unlock the chapter again. This is frustrating because the AP is a limited resource that regenerates over time. Wasting 10 AP because the app crashes is a problem because it keeps reoccurring. It also crashed when I drew a 10 pull of cards as well. LUCKILY, I still had the cards in my inventory but it skipped the animation sequence which I think is the best part about pulling in a gatcha system.

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1 year ago, LilTina13


I love the game for its standard. For a lot of games like this, the person playing is supposed to be the “Mc”. It’s hard when her personality is already devoted. It’s hard in the sense of being ok or caring about her responses. Because, if she always answers differently from how we think, how are we supposed to be alright and care with what happens in the future. I feel like every genre of games are stepping up or considering stepping up because games have been coming out with multiple endings. Of course, I understand that’s a lot and not exactly what I’m asking out of this game, but I feel like out of all games, otome or w/e this is under deserves the push as well to be better. I can’t fathom how stressful it is on delvelopers, but technology improves by the day. It’s a 8.5/10 for me. Like it almost to love, but there are a decent amount things that turn me off or think it’s not working

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2 years ago, •harrypotterlover•

Great game, but some sort of bug

To start, I love this game but there’s something wrong with it… I know that if you don’t open the game for a while it logs you out and when you go back in you just have to log back in again, no problem! But when I entered my email and password and hit login it keeps telling me that there’s some error with the poor quality of network when my wifi is completely fine and everything else but this game works! I’ve tried many things, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the game several times, I changed my password too to see if that was the problem, but neither things work! And it’s not just in a certain place I play it, it happens everywhere I try to log into the game and it’s really frustrating because I enjoy this game very much! If someone can please instruct me on how to fix this, that would be great! Besides this problem, this game is definitely a five star game!

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3 years ago, plantsca

Amazing game but..

I’m someone on their past time likes to play otome games and I gotta say from oldies of Mystic messenger and new ones such as obey me! I gotta say tears of Themis is up the list of top five games I love to play. Originally I’ve been playing Genshin impact and heard that Mihoyo has released a dating game which got my interest. And the stories and characters are interesting as of late!! I’m still beginning the game!! But I gotta say for me it crashes a whole lot maybe around every five minutes. Now I wouldn’t mind if it was a sucky game but it’s amazing storyline, art and gameplay has me interested that it crashes every five minutes that just doesn’t want me to play anymore- BUT I will keep trying as long as you guys please please fix this!!! I love all of your games mihoyo so I hope soon you’ll be able to fix the crashing!

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3 years ago, Riitar

So far so good!

As expected from a game by miHoYo. The voice-over quality is great, the animations are smooth, the love interests are beautiful, and most importantly, the MC doesn’t have plain brown hair with no eyes (*half joking by the way.* Also, not saying otome games that have their MCs have this appearance are bad, it’s just refreshing to see MCs that don’t look like that). I’ve been excited for the release of this game since late June, and it met my expectations. Not only can you bond with the four love interests, you also test your own ability to be able to piece together clues and present evidence. The court part of the game makes it so much more interesting. Aside from the main story, you can also explore the characters through their own personal episodes. In addition, you can “hang out” with the characters and earn affection points. The writing sometimes make me go “😅.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but once in a while I’m just like “What, he’s already in love?” And sometimes I feel like descriptions of the characters repeat too much for me to enjoy it when it’s there. It’s a very minor issue, and they don’t appear that much, but to me…yeah. You can practically overlook it, so ignore this part of the review :’D 5/5 stars. Keep up the great work, miHoYo!

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3 years ago, kathy rich

I’m having trouble with a part in the game

hi it’s me. I really really love tears of Themis and think it’s an awesome game to learn things and.. other things. although I love it with all of my heart, I’m stuck on the 2nd stage in the Mysteries of The Lost Gold. I re-checked over 20 times this week, and it says everything thing is 100% or complete. I am trying to figure out the problem, but I can’t. That is why I’m lowering the review by 2 stars. mihoyo, or someone out there, please help me out right now. I am struggling and I continue to scream every time I go over the same process. I started thinking that you weren’t finished with the other levels, but I see that people in my friends list have already completed it. I am very devastated that I can’t move on. since I have been saving all of the materials. each thing has 10,000+ of each. I really just want to move on already. please help me out right now, and thanks a lot. made by, me🙁

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3 years ago, robins111

Fantastic Game!

My thoughts on exactly why I adore this game so much have already been stated in other reviews, however I would like to say that with many similar games I feel forced into spending money just to progress, but with Tears of Themis it's not necessary at all! Instead, I've made a few purchases because I actually WANT to, which is a major difference. I'm also very pleased with the in-game database that keeps track of all the names, places, events, lore, and cultural references in game. I've even been inspired at several points to do further research on various topics mentioned in the story. It makes me feel good about the time I spend playing, and not like I've wasted several hours on a meaningless game. I couldn't be more pleased with Tears of Themis and I'm so excited for it's future!

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3 years ago, Sexy_boon

Why does Artem treat the MC as weak

Okay first of all, I love the game and the story. My only problem is with Artem. He was my personal favorite but he started saying a lot of questionable things that honestly left me disgusted. He stops her from doing a lot of things and I find it okay most of the time since I see it as him caring for her in a way, but every other time it's usually with him saying things like "because youre a woman" and "as a woman". I find it more as controlling than him caring tbh. In his personal story, he says things like that a lot (not that he hasn't before) but this time its really getting annoying for me to play. I know it's probably to put some conflict between us for the story but what??? Specifically quoting where he says "It's understandable that as a woman, you sympathize with her, but you're losing your head." what is that exactly supposed mean :/

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3 years ago, THREEEEEP

Some issues

1. The new update will not download. My phone is not old and I have plenty of space left. I’ve tried downloading in three different locations on three different wifi networks and it still doesn’t work. 2. No romance. This game has very very little actually romance and very little ways you can actually influence the story. I wouldn’t really call this an otome game and definitely not a dating simulator. It’s a game that happens to have attractive male characters that on occasion think you have some appeal outside of being good at your job. Everything else is good, but the two reasons above are why I can not give all five stars. If this update still does not download by the end of the weekend, I’ll probably have to make my rating 2 stars. There’s no way I could give a high review to a game that I haven’t been able to play

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3 years ago, LotusLink7

Good art, but that’s it

I went into this game thinking it would be interesting to play an otome game that had detective and lawyer themes like Phoenix Wright, but due to the structure of the game itself the gameplay got boring real fast. First, the main character isn’t “us”, we’re forced to play the same female character with no customization to fit “us” or even different dialogue options when talking to characters. Choices essentially don’t matter in the main or side stories, it’s all just scripted, dragged out conversations. You don’t really get to deepen bonds with characters and make it have an impact on the story, and character visit stories have yet to update, as i wanted to get through Artem’s Visit story but can’t get past chapter 2. As a mobile gacha game, it’s doomed to not work due to just having to wait for the story to update in months or even years. I would rather just buy an otome game with the whole story in the package than having to wait.

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1 year ago, _unu__

Logging in

First off beautiful art I’ve seen my friend play and it looks really cool but sadly for me whenever I try to log in I get there but whenever it says verifying it says a glitch or error im on a iPhone 13 mini pro so it should work or it says network connection error actually it always says network connection error i play genshin and it says the same thing on there the only thing that made it work was beautiful blessed Game Center but that doesn’t work for tears of Themis I’ve tried everything i would really like to give this game a shot because ive tried on various Wi-Fi’s and cellular data and I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with my wifi or network can someone please look into this if not that’s cool I understand it’s just a shame I can’t play anyways the games beautiful and the arts fantastic

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2 years ago, Minty Tem Flakes

I love the game, but there's grammar issues.

I absolutely love this and I think it's a great game, but the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes is getting on my nerves. I've found them specifically in the personal stories and the card stories. I've only done stuff for Artem, but I would assume they're present in all of the story lines. So far I haven't come across any in the main quests, though. I understand that the writing has gone through lots of people and there's stuff that slips through from time to time, but the amount that I've found is a bit embarrassing. I don't remember, but I do believe there was also one or two in the Secrets of the Tomb event. Please fix this. Surely I am not the only person who has noticed this and is annoyed by it.

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3 years ago, Goodiegoodiesmiley

Unfair reviews

Stop with the 1 star brigading because you couldn't get what you want. This may be harsh but it is reality. Otome games (literally translates to maiden game) have always been and will be predominantly FEMALE oriented. Don't be delusional since literally only ONE game has broke the barrier but now all of a sudden you expect a revolution? Lol no. Use your brains, most games won't cater to 0.1% of the fanbase. Stop crying and get over it. Play bl games, read visual novels, write fan fiction, or just make your own game if you hate how it works so much, you gender obssesed babies. Anyways, this truly is an amazing and one of the most unique games in the app store so far, even more so than obey me and mystic messenger & your unrealistic reviews won't change that!

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1 year ago, emmonaha3

Better than most gacha, but still gacha

The graphics are amazing, as well as game play. But here’s my biggest gripe: It’s specifically designed to screw you and force you to spend money. They have “probability” meters, etc. but almost every card draw requires the full 100 pulls to obtain a card. The matching mini games of chance? You won’t get the good loot until the very end, literally the last card you draw. Every. Single. Time. Like, okay, no prob, but just be up front about it. Just say it costs “X” amount instead of pretending you can win it earlier or for less. —————- FWIW, there are NO routes in this game, and your responses are worthless unless you’re choosing between two options as you look for evidence. So if you have a favorite character or if you’re used to playing other otome games, this isn’t like those. There is a main story and character stories, plus a never ending stream of events. So because of this (and no routes) you’re in different realities within the same game. You’re literally “dating” every male lead at the same time, but at the same time, you’re not. The story is released so slowly that you forget what’s happening. All that being said, it IS better than most other otome games available in the App Store. Give it a shot, but be realistic.

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9 months ago, @Nickname__

I love the game but I’m not getting my rewards

Like I said I really like this game but in the previous event Fluffy Fuzzy time part 2 I finished all of the requirements, stories, missions, everything. The reward was supposed to be 1 SR card for each story and i completion badge and I never got it. I’m currently having the same problem right now with the current event, I earned an award, a background, and but the game doesn’t give it to me. And I’m pretty frustrated because I used a good amount of Stellis to make sure I completed both Artem and Marius’ stories on time. Usually when I have this problem with a game I can go to support and they help me but this game’s support is horrible. It gives you random irrelevant prompts for it to answer and when you type in your actual question or problem it just… keeps…. Generating… prompts…??? I don’t know why. I’m literally commenting this so I can just get help with getting the rewards and paid for. Please help me!!

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3 years ago, Marrisa Walts

Fantastic game

The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun, and the storyline is engaging. The cards are one of my favorite parts of the game, as it both adds story with the characters but it also is aids you in progressing the main storyline. All of the male characters that are featured in the cards are interesting and if the game were focused on any one of them it would still be 5/5 stars, but we get the amazing game with all 4. Each of them are intractable with unique mini games and personal storylines. The main character is smart and she doesn’t need to be helped by the male characters, while still being kind and likable. I recommend this game if you like card collecting games and games like pheonix wright.

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3 years ago, kicked to the home screen

Great game but…

It’s an amazing game but there are some few thing that I think could be improved. First, the game crashes every so often; even if you’re in the middle of a story or debate. Which can get irritating at times. There’s one other thing I would change. It would be great if the MC seemed less generic. The pre-set gender and appearance that many otome MC’s have throw me off sometime. I find that otome games are more enjoyable if you get to stylize the MC to your preference. For example in the otome game Obey Me they don’t have any set pronouns or set appearance for the MC. You get to imagine how the MC would look yourself which I feel helps make Obey Me so different and fun compared to other otome games. That being said I think a more unique MC would be best for future games. Besides those things it’s still an incredible game with many unique features!

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2 years ago, Itsyfufyeigkfifisitifyd

Amazingly Casual

I tried this coming from Genshin and I had no idea what type of game this would be. I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The characters are very well developed and the four main leads each have very distinct personalities. Not to mention the art, especially the backgrounds, is incredible. Sometimes the characters faces look a bit wonky though. Like a Picasso. As a guy, at first I was pretty disappointed being forced to play as a girl. Over time though I’ve seen that she also has a very distinct personality with plenty of dialogue, and isn’t just a “blank, silent self-insert”. She’s become an enjoyable character for me in her own right. I had trouble getting into the main story of the first few chapters, but I’ve been really enjoying the card and event stories lately. Sometimes stories move a bit too fast where you finally identify the culprit at the end of one segment, and in the very next segment you’re all reminiscing about putting him in jail and how the trial went, and months have gone by. That pacing can be rough. All in all, 4 stars, but if you make Captain Morgan a romance, I’ll change it to 5. Let me know when we have a deal.

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3 years ago, Emballa

I love it

I didn’t expect to love this game, but I ended up obsessed anyway. The art is gorgeous, the cards are fun to watch, and the main storyline is really interesting. However, I definitely would rate it higher in terms of age, as they do cover some dark topics and morality. All of the characters are charming in their own right, but Vyn is my favorite. I’ve gotten lucky and have pulled most of his cards and this point. My only problem with the game is sometimes the app closes and I have to log back in, which is inconvenient. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it kinda makes me grumble. I also wish they’d update faster because I’ve finished all the storyline so far though.

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2 years ago, RŌBLOX player

Not quite what I expected, but pleasantly surprised.

My love for otome games and Genshin Impact brought me here, and I have to say that it’s an amazing game and amazing concept. When you first start, they bombard you with energy to read episodes and they give you small quests along with a tutorial to figure out the UI and the mechanics. I must say though, that leveling cards obtained from the gacha system may be a bit hard to catch on, but it is very similar to leveling characters in Genshin Impact. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like this gacha system is a lot nicer than Genshin’s, even though it seems more expensive. The main story is very light and focuses more on solving cases rather than the otome aspect. The cards obtained from gacha are where the juicy bits come in. As someone who goes deep into Genshin lore, I have to say I expected nothing less. All the stories are amazing so far. One small problem though, the game keeps crashing periodically. It’s not a problem for me though because even if it crashed mid-debate or mid-episode I don’t lose energy or anything.

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3 years ago, mamamammamarriiieeezzz

Mihoyo did it again

I don't normally play dating sims/otome games, but this one caught my interest with the unique "battle" part of the game and the premise being about lawyers. And honestly this game doesn't even need to really be about the romance part if you don't want it to be the main focus. I'm very much enjoying the story and mini games, the debating and the court room scenes. The romantic interactions with the characters are easy to get through if you're really not interested, but it's fun all around. I will say that this is still a gacha game, so it has the usual burnout/boredom/grinding that can turn you off from it or make you frustrated. But this game isn't meant to be played for hours on end and it's actually the first game where that doesn't bother me. I enjoy picking up this game like I would taking my time reading a book. Also I would definitely recommend the devs invest in a larger variety of music because it gets kind of annoying listening to the same songs on repeat, but other than that I don't really have any complaints.

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3 years ago, LoveAorwhat

Would love to play but…

Reading about it and reading different reviews makes this game sound great! The graphics from what I’ve been able to see are amazing however that’s all I’ve been able to see unfortunately I haven’t been able to get very far in game do to it constant crashing. I mean I haven’t gotten past the opening scene I just barley passed the point where you write in your name every time I get to that point it crashes. Either way the art is amazing and the music and the plot is what drawn me the first place so I’m not giving up just yet however if this does keep up I see no point keeping the game if I can’t even read the very interesting plot it seems to have. I have read numerous reviews stating the same thing hoping it wasn’t just me.

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3 years ago, pinkshrimpcakes

Stop leaving bad reviews when you haven’t played the game

People right now are leaving bad reviews under the guise of “ableism” when they’re doing it because genshin impact had a bad anniversary event and they’re going after this because it’s also a game MiHoYo made. Just stop. There’s no ableism, most of you don’t even know what that word means, and some of the stuff people are saying is just nuts. The games great. The story is fun and meaningful and I’d say about 80% of it is voice acted and done by great VAs. I have fun with the actual battle mechanics with cards and it overall introduces a great new and innovative approach to otome games. Excited to see the coming updates.

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2 years ago, cj 🐼

Far exceeded my expectations!

I’m a huge player of Genshin Impact so I’ve known about ToT for a while now. However, I was always hesitant to approach the game knowing it involved solving mysteries and crimes, which isn’t exactly my area of interest since I can get scared easily. I should’ve known better! Hoyoverse never misses with their games! ToT far exceeded my expectations and is very bearable even for those who aren’t heavily into crime solving and mystery. The characters are very thoughtfully developed and the story is immersive. There is also many events and side stories you can indulge in as well. I love this game and wish I played it sooner. Don’t hesitate to download this!

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3 years ago, dead fish creature

It seems to be going well

This legit just came out, the graphics are really nice and it’s not that confusing to play. It mostly gives really big Mr. Love vibes but that probably just how everything is set up. The story is pretty interesting. It has your average gacha pull system and the rates for it aren’t bad. The mc is actually not annoying which is a miracle in terms of otome type game mc’s. There doesn’t seem to be any bugs or I probably haven’t encountered them. A pretty decent game so I’m not complaining, especially since I’ve been waiting to play this game for a while and I haven’t had anything good to play lately excluding game events.

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3 years ago, wingstriker

This is a well-written otome game!

This is my first otome game, and I think the stories are really well-written! I chose this one because of one of the JP VAs (Junichi Suwabe), and the summary of the gameplay seemed interesting enough. The other male leads are pretty good too, so this has really been a nice kind of game to relax to. The downsides: This game eats battery like no tomorrow. I haven’t seen any other app chew through ~50% of my battery so fast! It also starts blocking your progress around chapter 4 of the main story. Either your deck becomes too weak to beat the debates or you run out of stamina and you have to wait for it to naturally refill. If you want to progress faster, you either have to use currency that should be saved for the gacha, or you need to pay up. I understand they need some way to generate money, but I’m not sure I like how gated my progress is in regards to stamina usage. I’m used to just buying currency to pull (like in FGO), so I’m still not certain I want to support this kind of gatekeeping. I actually enjoy this game more than Genshin Impact. 😅 Please keep writing great stories!

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3 years ago, ShellzBellx

Strong Foundation, Weak Story

This is an otome game, but it’s extremely lacking in actual romance. If you want to connect and have meaningful moments with characters they all have to be done in their own story lines that have nothing to do with the main story, which makes it feel like you’re just wasting your time with the main one. All the main story is, is just different cases (most of which aren’t very surprising) where the guys just compliment your skills. The detective mechanics and new and interesting, but repetitive and boring to be such a big part of the game as they are now. The art, voice actors, and plentiful tasks in events kept me hooked at first, but not having the romance really makes it hard to keep playing a below average detective game.

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11 months ago, mollymoc


i stumbled across this in my recommended (because i play genshin impact, honkai impact, honkai: star rail, etc.). i actually really like this game, i never really played any of these types of games so i was really excited to try it. the character design is amazing and the storylines are accurate and realistic. the gatcha system is really good and i like the game a lot. i like that you can go back on what you’ve already played and it’s just such an amazing, well rounded game. mihoyo does it again, people! thanks to anyone who worked on making this game, it is such an amazing game and it’s now one of my favorites! props to you guys! ❤️

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3 years ago, cchloemm

Love the game but 1 thing

I do really like this game, but 4+? Even without the romance aspects this game isn’t 4+, it’s definitely 12+ or more. The story lines are complex and take a lot of thinking; anyone under the age of 12 would have no clue what’s going on. I’m 16 and sometimes I don’t even know what they’re talking about in the game. I think the romance opportunities should be upped and the game should be either 12+ or 14+. I feel like right now you’re restricting yourself with an age rating that doesn’t even fit. I know this game is new, so you may change that in time anyways, but I’d still like to mention it!

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3 years ago, OtakuOtome#1

Love the game except for a slight issue

So far, I had a great time playing the game and all the cgi are absolutely beautiful. The occasional chibi ones are adorable and a nice touch too. My issue is how recently, it likes to crash a lot. I would be in the middle of reading one of my card's story and the game would crash, forcing me to go through the story again, which I don't mind too much. But the thing is, the game would also crash in the middle of a trial (costs 30 stamina) and so I would return to the game after a crash and find the 30 stamina gone and since I didn't complete the trial, I didn't get any of the rewards I would normally get from the trial.

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What seemed to be independent cases slowly begins to link together and form a larger picture. The hand behind it all has no regards for social order and aims only to destroy all that is decent and good. As the truth becomes more obscure and shrouded in mystery, the lines between good and evil blurs. With the world against you and the words of reason falling on deaf ears... Will you still be determined to stand by your choices and beliefs? ◆Evidence Collection - Search the scene and uncover the truth Discover delicate evidence and items lying at the crime scene and reveal the truth. Acquire testimonies from suspects. Analyze and compare their testimonies to contradicting clues found on them to uncover the key evidence. Defeat your opponents in the court of law with logic and wits to deliver true justice! ◆Exquisite Dynamic Illustrations - Learn everything about him The exquisite Dynamic Illustrations brings cards to life, forever framing your treasured memory with him in vivid detail. Once a personal story is unlocked, you will begin to receive video calls from your special someone! Indulge in his resonating voice and daily interactions! Go on dates that will make you melt and experience heart-racing intimate moments. ◆Precious Memories - Create cherished memories together Every character has their unique story arcs that hide his most well-guarded secrets. Venture deeper into his heart by completing these stories to learn the truth about him, creating memories that belong to just the two of you. ◆Personal Lounge - A Private Space for You and Them The new Lounge feature is now available. Collect blueprints and build furniture to furnish the sweet space where you spend cozy days with them. Offical Website:https://tot.hoyoverse.com/en-us/ Offical Twitter Account:https://twitter.com/TearsofThemisEN Offical Facebook Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/tearsofthemis.glb Customer Service:[emailprotected]

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